Reviews For Conde Nast Traveler Magazine


For a good price, this is a nice magazine for travelers to have. Mainly its use is as an idea generator.

Do You Like Ads?

Way too many ads in this magazine and not enough travel content for the regular traveler. I won't renew this subscription when it's time.

Too Many Ads

I got this at a great special price and my subscription started really fast.

Unfortunately there are far too many ads and too little content.

Still if you like to travel you will enjoy it.

Conde Nast Traveler

I'd subscribed to CNT a number of years ago. I enjoyed the photos of beautiful scenary. I read articles of interest to me (foods, local cultures, etc.) Now, there are fewer pix and more advertising. I'd always enjoyed the Conde' Nast Traveler in order to DREAM and perhaps, someday, go to faraway places. (I know, "dreams" don't book flights, etc.). I won't re-subscribe after this year ends.

CondeNast Subscription

Very tough to review this product because the delivery will not take place until some time end of Apr to May /10, even though bought and paid for in Feb/10

Very little substance

When I subscribed to this magazine, I was already receiving National Geographic Traveller. I was helping with a fundraiser, but I mainly wanted to see if it was as good or better travel magazine than others I've seen.

Well, it was definitly thicker than N.G.Traveller, but that was because the majority of it was crammed with advertisements. The articles that it did have were typically short, and would often have more to do with fashion than travel. I was hoping for travel-related stories and photos, but instead I could hardly turn a page without seeing scantily clad women, as if that was the appeal of the destinations being written about. In one issue, the main story was supposed to be about ski resorts, but it actually focused on a particular woman's clothing brands, and just contained photos of her wearing a bikini in the snow.

I wouldn't consider myself sophisticated, but I would much rather read a magazine that is more informative and entertaining, with content more related to travel. I'm tired of reading lists of the top 100 hotels, resorts, cruises, or whatever, and do not enjoy having to search to find actual articles. If you don't mind spending your money to read advertisements, than go ahead and subscribe. I'll stick with National Geographic Traveler.


I felt this magazine focused to much on advertising, I work part time as a travel agent and I'm able to give my clients more tips and insight with National Geographic's travel magazine and Budget travel

In the minority

I had a subscription to this magazine years ago and let it laspe. I recently picked it up again and I will not be renewing it. The magazine is obviously geared toward folks that like their information in the highly abbreviated form.

Articles are usually extremely short and not very informative in my opinion. Less than one page is not unusual. Sometimes I have a hard time telling if soemthing is an article or an advertisement.

I wish I could recommend another, better travel magazine, but I just haven't found one.

Since I'm obviously not in the main stream on this one, I'd suggest that you buy a couple of copies off the newstand before making the commitment to a year or more subscription.

Reading this, you would think every destination is fantastic...

...but they are not. Like every other travel magazine, this one reads like a sales pitch from cover to cover. Every article describes a perfectly heavenly place to visit. No mention of overcrowding, bad value, and so forth. I don't expect the places I visit to be perfect. But I would like to have an idea what I am getting into. This magazine does not deliver. Just to be fair, none of its competitors do either.

I quit subscribing to CN Traveler

And here are the reasons:
I do not want to read top 100 lists for hotels, cruise lines etc.
Too much advertising and very few articles.
I can get a lot more information online from Tripadvisor, [...], Yahoo! travel and many many other sites.
Lately, it feels like some articles were writeen on demand; some very expensive hotel/resort pays a fee to be featured in one of their stories.
No travel off the beaten path, just the same old overused travel destinations.