Reviews For Conde Nast Traveler Magazine

Travel Info at its best!

I'm enjoying this magazine alot. I had subscribed years ago and glad I picked it back up. Very detailed in location hot spots; up on what's "in" and "out". This for those who are travellers and those who aspire to travel.

Conde Nast Traveler - my Favorite Travel Magazine

The most recent issue had an amazing article about Paris by a woman who goes everywhere with her 7 month old baby girl. Well written and personal as well as great information on where to stay and dine.

There is also information on the best travel websites and what each one is best at doing for you.

Upscale Traveling - Informative

I'm a consummate world traveler but have to be budget minded. This magazine seems more tailored for the wealthier travelers of the world and doesn't necessarily suit my needs. However, I understand this and still get the magazine for the following reasons: beautiful photos, interesting world stories, great ideas on travel, great itineraries, and it looks great on my coffee table!

I wish there were more articles as I often wade through more advertisements than I care for, but I also understand this is how they make their money. Still, this is enough coupled with the higher scale clientele that stops me from giving it a full 5 stars.

The best mass-market travel magazine

CN Traveler is a good mass-market travel magazine. For a while, I was a rabid T&L reader, which is more visually appealing, but suffers for content; recently, T&L seems more interested in ads and fluff pieces than in practical help for the traveller.

CN doesn't make these mistakes; there's always something useful in Traveller; good destination highlights, decent tracking of in or just new restaurants, hotels, etc., and a better content/ad ratio.

All of that said, T&L has a much more useful Web site; the 'destinations' link in particular is quite valuable. However, that's free, and you have to plonk down money for a magazine. If you do, this is your best bet.

used to be...

I used to love this magazine. It still has some excellent articles, but it is true that there are way too many filler issues now with top 100 lists of things I have no interest in (resort hotels, spas, expensive travel agents). However, on the flip side, it never talks down to the reader - the audience is assumed to be well travelled and somewhat sophisticated - which I appreciate. I checked out Nat Geographic Traveller hoping it would be like the CN Traveller of old, but although it has nicer photography (with few gratuitously scantily clad female shots), it seemed much more mainstream - like I had already done many of the "dream trips" befor I hit my 30s and the information also seemed much shallower. I like Geo, but I struggle through the French and it's a lot more expensive.

Best of Travel Info

This is probably the best travel mag. we have ever had.

It always has helpful info for overseas travel and we have even used their recommended booking agents for a Tuscany trip.

Also keeps up to date on travel scams, bargains and a multitude of helpful ideas for traveling.

Great travel ideas

The only thing I don't like about this mag is the fact that you are always flipping to the back to read the rest of the article. Great travel ideas.

Travels of the Rich

Conde Nast Traveler is a magazine for the wealthy or the want-a-bees. The magazine is geared mostly to North America and Europe. It tells where to eat, shop or be seen on the two continents. For example, an article will inform the reader of a new five-star Sushi restaurant in Florence, Italy. Thus, if you plan to travel to Florence for Sushi (not Michelangelo), this is the magazine for you. It is a great coffee table magazine for the armchair traveler, for the pictures are gorgeous.

Some good articles,, but disappointing

I have subscribed to Traveler for a while now. Before I picked up that subscription, I was already subscribing to National Geographic Traveler and Budget Travel. I have to say that for the average, middle-class person, Budget Travel is the most practical. I enjoy reading it the most because I want to know how to get a great deal . . . not how to get the most for your dollar in First Class. This magazine is definitely geared toward the more affluent traveler. It is also geared toward the sophisticated, chic traveler--not the average traveler. While it is interesting to read about places the wealthy are able to afford and dream about going there, I would rather a magazine cater more to my tastes and more toward the tastes of its general subscription population.

Sadly, Cathy from Texas hit it dead on...

I've been a subscriber to CN Traveler since its inception, but for the past few years my renewals have only been made in the hope that it might, somehow, return to the excellence of the "good old days". I remember fondly (in fact, still have) the early issues with articles about freightering around the Marquesas and touring Ireland with a very personal slant, in search of heritage and an Irish passport.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy reading about glitzier destinations as well (yup, I even enjoy the adverts!). But I CRAVED CN's arrival when travel, not consumerism, was the focus. Now, I find myself tossing the latest issue out unread if it has a "Top 100" on the cover. Once in awhile, fine, but 3 or 4 issues a year based on this premise is just ridiculous "filler".

I found these reviews on my search for a replacement travel magazine. Not throwing in the towel yet, but I don't see much to excite out there. Maybe T&C Travel? Wish me luck!