Reviews For Conde Nast Traveler Magazine

The Best Overall Travel Magazine I Have Found

I think that in terms of overall content presented, 'Conde Nast Traveler' is the best travel magazine currently on the market. Some other reviewers have raised some valid points concerning article length, and bias toward upscale properties. I think that there are other magazines that might be more suitable for others, including 'Budget Travel' and 'National Geographic Traveler', both of which I also subscribe to and enjoy, though they both have their limitations and issues as well.

So what sets 'Conde Nast' apart? I think it is the willingness to find new and exciting vacation destinations that are still reasonable enough to get to as to make them worthwhile to a large audience. Some of the more exotic magazines have great articles on hiking in Tibet and the like, but how many people are really able to do that (or can afford to do it?) My point is that although it is by no means perfect, I think the editors and writers do consciously strike a balance between the too mundane and too exotic (and expensive) and attempt to focus the majority of the magazine in that area.

This is just too good of a magazine to pass up. The 'Deals of the Month' section alone justifies the price. Of all the travel magazines I read on a monthly basis (currently four) 'Conde Nast Traveler' is my favorite and I highly recommend it.

Definately a "Keeper" for me

I used to subscribe to well over 16 Magazine Publications I trimmed back to only subscribing to 3 in the last 3 years well this one I added recently.

Wonderful pictures, articles that are interesting and informative. You can tell when a magazine is good when you pick it up repeatedly to read. I save all of these magazines to share with friends and associates. I don't find it to be on the "high end" I think they have enough information in each issue for everyone. I also agree with what one of my fellow reviewers stated this magazine hasn't been bogged down with advertisements yet, so therefore you are definately getting enough articles, reports, money saving tips and reader comments to fill up these pages.

It is well worth the money and I have renewed twice now.... and that coming from someone who is VERY selective of what Magazine publications come to my door is a HUGE Compliment.

Respectfully Reviewed

Best International Travel Magazine

It has everything. Interesting reviews by pro and "joes". Good advice and recommendations. Worth every dollar. Great way to learn about new destinations and missed jems for the next time.

Excellent value for the money

I was in the Travel Industry for years, and found CN to be an excellent, albeit brief source of continually updated information on destinations, and all other aspects of travel, whether upscale or backpack. Yes, it is not encyclopaedic, and yes it is chock full of adverts. However, the latter brings the cost of publication, no doubt, and the former allows CN to cover a wide array of topics in each issue. Their travel product ratings are next to none, and shortlists the selection process, allowing the consumer to make more intelligent and cost conscious purchasing decisions.

What a Terrific Magazine!

It's simply amazing how Conde Nast Traveler is SO much better than any other travel magazine out there. For example, Travel & Leisure, another travel magazine, is owned by a credit card company (American Express) and is clearly biased. Conde Nast Traveler is THE only choice for the real traveler.

There's a whole world out there to explore.

Conde-Nast's Traveler is not my first choice in travel publications; I originally confused it with the National Geographic Travel magazine and 'clicked' before I finished reading. The price was within my comfort zone so I let it ride and anticipated a pleasant surprise.
I wasn't surprised, at least not positively. But by chance I offered Traveler to a young friend and last year it became her very most favored magazine. In this the second year of subscribing, I no longer even open the magazine, though it often looks very inviting, but rather quickly pass it directly to this young reader.
By giving Traveler a second chance it now earns highest marks. First it is very visually interesting and appealing to my reader who is totally unfamiliar with the outer world and very eager to see all she can see. Additionally, the zine teaches as it goes; my young friend is making lists of what to do and expect and is looking up additional information. And finally, we live in a very remote part of the American West and Traveler is fueling the dreams of this young girl.
Way to go, folks. Our kids often fail to dream bigger dreams than this tiny town can fulfill. Your magazine is helping at least one person reach out and beyond our mountain wilderness. Thanks. =

Best of Travel

Conde Nast Traveler is undoubtedly the best travel magazine out there. They may aim a big high as far as budgets for travel go, but at the absolute least they provide the best kind of inspiration.

great travel magazine

this is a great travel magazine - wonderful pictures and stories. it is also much cheaper than the equally wonderful travel+leisure, so that makes conde nast traveler a better deal. be aware though, the items in this magazine are not very cheap, unfortunately. go with another magazine (arthur frommer's budget travel) if you want to find travel baragains.

The Well-Informed Traveler

Conde Nast Traveler is a very good magazine that offers alot in the way of inspiration for some travel places to consider for a personalized travel itinerary. The following are some of the strong features of the February 2011 issue of Conde Nast Traveler:

1)There is the top 80 cruise ships in the world that are featured such as the Disney Magic (ranked #1 for Mega ships), the Seven Seas Voyager (ranked #1 for Large Ships), River Beatrice (ranked #1 for River Ships), and the Seabourn Odysesy (ranked #1 for small ships).
2) The outdoors life of Scotland: there are is a beautiful picture of the River Nith.
3) There is a very unique picture of the lodging that is called the Igloo Rooms, of the Hotel Arctic (it is located in Hulissat, Greenland).

This magazine is worth it to get if you love traveling and/or you want to get your creativity flowing on some of the plans that you intend to incorporate for your trips.

Great Value

This is my first travel subscription and I love it. What a great price, too.