Reviews For Wood Magazine

Great Magazine

Wood Magazine is been around for a good 20 years now. It is a every other month magazine published by Good Housekeeping (I think it still is). Always a good mix of product reviews, 5-6 projects none harder than advanced, and lots of how-to's. Magazines are thick with a lot of information in each issue.
Projects can be part of a family, say a mission table, chairs, and china cupboard spread over 2-3 issues. Extremely precise directions, layouts and materials lists for projects and an insert for patterns is usually included. Product reviews include a wide range of manufacturers, but usually skip the high end brands and go for lower end.
Always tons of tips and how-tos in every issue. They do expect you to have access to the usual assortment of large woodworking tools like table saw, band saw, or scroll saw. Some nice turning and carving projects.
Why only 4 stars? Bi-monthly makes the subscription a little pricey and I do not usually make any of their projects like I do with Woodworkers Journal (my number 1 choice).

Improve Your Woodworking Knowledge and Skill

Woodworking is a popular hobby and those who partake in this activity often turn to printed resources for new ideas, tips, etc. Wood Magazine is one publication designed to help woodworkers in several ways. It offers new techniques, new tools, and new projects for the budding or experienced woodworker who is seeking out ways to improve/develop their woodworking talents. Wood Magazine wants its readers to be educated and curious, and it offers articles that satisfy both desires.

Wood Magazine's articles span a wide range, with some that cover basic tasks like cutting wood at an angle to more complicated tasks like carving unique shapes and patterns. One fact that readers will notice immediately is that Wood Magazine's articles are divided up so that woodworkers at all levels- from novice to expert- will find something to which they can relate. The articles tend to lean slightly toward the beginner to intermediate level, but there are certainly enough advanced articles in each issue to keep all woodworkers busy and satisfied.

The articles in Wood Magazine are generally short, and they are often written in a step by step format, with illustrations and measurements (where applicable) to remove any guesswork from the process. These visual aspects and step/bulleted format make the magazine seem like a reference guide at times, but they are very useful for someone who wants to build one of the items and doesn't want to take any chances.

If there is anything unattractive about Wood Magazine, it would have to be the high price. The cover price is high and there is little discount incentive when you sign up for a subscription. Also, this magazine is published only seven times per year. This latter fact could frustrate some woodworkers who want new and fresh ideas on a more frequent basis.

Aside from the cost, however, Wood Magazine is a good magazine for woodworkers at all levels. The tips and tricks are useful, the education valuable, and the projects interesting and/or practical. It makes a good magazine for the occasional or serious woodworker who wants to develop one's skill and/or increase one's interest in the art of making things from wood. A little more length to the magazine and a lower price would be nice, but it is still a good magazine overall.

woods magazine

I am really happy with this book but feel they have slipped a bit in the last 15 years

Other Review are Bit Generous

I have subscribed to several woodworking magazines over the years and have found WOOD to be the least informative of the group. I am usually excited when the woodworking magazines arrive in the mail and read them several times over. The only one that tends to get discarded after a single read through is WOOD. I find the quality of writing to be marginal and the projects to be less desirable to build. They have a good mix of projects (ranging in skill level and time to build) which is good, but they dont motivate me to go out and build them. I prefer Woodsmith and Popular Woodworking.

Good for a "handyman"

My husband was a little disappointed in this magazine. Lots of ads and a few "crafty" type projects. He was looking for something with more technical information about woodworking. I am sure it is a good magazine, just not what he was looking for. I would suggest looking one over in the store before subscribing to make sure it is what you want.