Reviews For Wood Magazine

Woodshop Wonder

I have been a subscriber to Wood magazine for 7 years now. I absolutely love this publication. The magazine is written so that novice woodworkers can grasp the info. It is not written over the heads of the average homeowner/woodworker. The articles are very informative and thorough.
There are many projects contained in each issue. These range from simple to more complex. Something for any experience level. Projects could be anything from simple tool holders to larger furniture. I have built many of the projects myself, and the instructions are easy to follow. Sometimes series of articles cover the building of complete furniture sets for a whole room covered over successive issues. I like the wide variety of projects.
The magazine also covers tools. They test and evaluate various tools for the woodshop. Comparisons are made to assist in the selection of tools by woodworkers. Helpful info also covers the proper set up and use of shop tools. Some articles cover making jigs to be used in the shop to make some tasks easier.
The tip sections can give readers new ways to do certain tasks. Articles also help in the selection and ID of certain woods for projects.
Overall, this magazine should be in any woodshop. It is very well written, thorough, and helpful. Highly recommend.


Great Magazine, must look at it!

Yes I do like Wood magazine by Better Homes and Garden! Originally the subscription was given to me as a present. I can't remember how many years ago now. That's the trouble with getting older! I am always amazed at some of the projects they come up with.

Each article is clearly written and for everyone, not just the workers with the mega dollar shops that have everything! They focus on people like me that like to putter with projects. In any copy you can find: 5 or 6 main projects, some tool and material articles, tips and techniques, and there are about 8 or so feature articles.

Editor Larry Clayton picks his materials and writers very carefully. The topics are always diversified and clearly written. I like the fact there is something for everyone, even us wood turners. He seems to be able to pick timely pieces that always get me thinking.

The projects here can be from home improvement to turning Christmas bulbs or making special jigs for tenons or even creating a family Heirloom for that rocking horse fan in your family. As a bonus they even include plans in the center so you can take them out and make the projects with the article and material lists. What more could an old wood chip like me ask for? Ok maybe an issue every week for the same price? ( I don't think so but you can't blame me for asking!)

I have made several projects through the years and found inexpensive ways to create jigs to create things I want without spending a lot of money for expensive machinery. By now you know I love this magazine and I don't mean to go off the deep end here!

Ok now for the down fall! Yes you knew there had to be one! Well there is, that would be that this magazine gets you to thinking and soon you can't help but head for the shop! Your wife snarls because she hasn't seen you for days and then you come in to dust off a bunch wood chips on her floor, forget to get the wood chips out your sox and they get in the laundry and into her underwear and you get to face an itchy grumbly she bear! No wonder we head for the shop! Come to think about it, I got a couple things to do out there right now!!!!!!!!!


Good reading for any level craftsman

The magazine WOOD is good reading for anyone who is serious about wood working. For years I have read the article and used the plans found in this magazine. I find that the articles in this magazine is up to date and leave very little to guess work. I especially like the plans found in WOOD.

The project plans found in this book includes a complete material list for each plan. It give the best lumber to use along with the way to cut the lumber to get the most out of each piece. I find this to be a very important issue for the novice wood worker as they will want to complete the project with as little waste as possible.

Each Magazine tell how to use the tools needed to do the projects along with a section explaining how to make the jigs needed to built and make the cuts on the project. There are also picture of the layouts and jigs for those who need a clear picture and not just a mental picture of what is going on.

Try this magazine today you are sure to like it.


Excellent publication

I have had a subscription with Wood magazine for about ten years. I also have subscribed Fine Woodworking magazine for the same amount of time. I have tried many others,but because of cost and storage,these are the only two that I keep renewing.
Wood magazine has a wealth of informative topics that is unrivaled by anyone else,other than Fine Woodworking,in my opinion. Wood magazine also has the best web site of any magazine,I have ever seen. They have a inter-active discussion group,just for woodworking. You can participate with or without ties with the magazine,at no cost.
I do not agree fully with everything inside every Wood magazine,but I sure have learned a lot. They have good tool and machinery reviews,too.
They cover material for all types of skill levels. The projects and methods of work procedures are easily modifiable to your liking and you can adapt many types of methods into other projects. If you want a good woodworking education,you can't go wrong with Wood Magazine.


Woodworker must have!

Wood Magazine has to be one of the foremost informative woodworking magazines there is. It seems every time I am in need of some help or ideas, the new magazine comes in the mail and my questions are answered. They give you many different scenarios between the difficult projects and the most simple. I think each magazine is published and put together by true woodworkers who think and understand the way an artist puts his brush to a canvas. Other magazines give you plans for what I think is just ordinary pieces, kind of bland.
I only subscribe to 3 magazines and besides Wood Magazine, I highly recommend "This Old House" and "Handyman Club of America". Each are great reading and very informative. Let me tell you they are my greatest stress relievers.


Everything you ever wanted to know-

If you are an expert or an amateur, this is the magazine for you. Tips, ideas and patterns. You get to see what others are doing. Lots of contests; enter your own original woodcraft item! You can get help from the experts when you get stuck on a problem. Sources of exotic woods, tools and patterns galore. The patterns are very detailed step by step and on varying levels from beginner to the old hand who has been using a scroll saw for years.


Surprisingly useful

I thought this would be a bunch of tool ads with pictures of other people's projects mixed in -- but I was surprised to find plans, tips, and reviews that were very readable and fun. I plan to get the DVDs as soon as I can afford it.

great woodworking magazine

My husband looks forward to getting this in the mail. He loves this magazine. It is very detailed and informative. He can do lots of different projects without getting burnt out. If you like woodworking, then you should be getting this magazine.

Very informative

This is one of the better publications I have seen.
The magazine is easy to read and filled with all kinds of useful tips and illustrations.
I really appreciate the online resources associated with the magazine.
I have already used many of the tips and applied the lessons learned.
Thanks Wood Magazine, you have found another loyal reader.

Times Change and so do Magazines - Good News

See added paragraphs in italics below for updated information

There are already several good reviews of this woodworking magazine so why am I writing another one? The title says it. The earlier reviews are for a magazine as it was written over a year ago. In the summer of 2001 there was an editorial change by Better Homes and Gardens, the Publisher of Wood Magazine. With that change came another change that I am not happy with.

The magazine still carries excellent material for the woodworker who wants to improve his skills and it still has excellent quality projects. The magazines review of tools is still the best in the industry and the one I look to when doing new tool research. There is seldom an issue where I don't pick up an idea for a new jig or technique to make my hobby more enjoyable. Even the heavy advertising gets at least a quick once over. Wood attracts some very good writers who, I'm sure, benefit as well from the good editorial work of the magazine folks. Wood was one of the early proponents of using the web to enhance the value of their publication and still lead in that area. Despite all the kudos I can give the magazine, or perhaps because of this, I am concerned by a new trend I am seeing in their main articles.

I have subscribed to this magazine for over ten years, usually renewing for three years at a time. When the time to renew came late last year I hesitated to renew at all and finally, at the last minute, did renew but only for a year. In case I have managed to get you a little curious as to why, I guess I'll tell you now.

Starting with the change in editors last year, the major articles began moving towards what I would consider home improvement articles. They still emphasize the use of wood, but in the home instead of the workshop. Since last summer, a significant number of pages have been reqularly devoted to room makeovers and other related articles. I thought for a while I was reading Family Handyman. Now I don't object to those who want to use their time to make their home nicer but I don't want to spend much of my time there. I want to be in my wood shop doing my thing not hauling my tools or partially built projects somewhere else to do the work.

There was another editor change this summer. Except for a couple of projects that were already in the pipeline, the magazine has returned to its roots.

I don't object to Family Handyman but I don't subscribe to it either. If Wood magazine continues down this editorial path it will have diluted one of the best publications in the industry for the wood shop worker. I can't comment on the wisdom of the editorial move from their business point of view, (I notice they are starting to pick up some advertising from the HI world)but it is not the magazine I want to spend my money on. I added a subscription to Popular Woodworking this year. I'll renew one but not both next year. I just sent in a three year renewal for this magazine.

Don't let my concerns bother you unless you are looking for a magazine aimed squarely at the wood shop hobby as I am. If the current editorial directions are okay to you, you won't be disappointed in the quality of this magazine. It is tops. I will recommend it to those who like to do quality woodworking both in the shop and in the home.