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Wired Review

I do not like this magazine. I only agreed to the subscription because it was free. I would like to STOP its delivery. DO NOT CHARGE MY CREDIT CARD.

Not for homes with young children

Even thought many of the articles are interesting and well written, I will never renew this subscription. This magazine came to my home with a very vulgar ad for GQ shrink wrapped with the magazine. The picture was blatantly displayed full page on the back of the Wired magazine. I have young children at home and having a magazine delivered to my mailbox with a completely naked woman (and I mean completely) positioned to hide the bare minimum isn't acceptable. I thought I was getting a reputable publication, not this trash. Be aware of this fact before you order a subscription that they include these types of ads with your subscription.

Please, few weeks I sed I dont want to renew the subscription to Wired magazine!!

Please, few weeks I sed I dont want to renew the subscription to Wired magazine!!

still waiting

A month later, still no magazine

I have had 4 subs with them in the past and have had problems receiving the magazine in EVERY case

Great mag- terrible delivery

Never got it

They never sent it to me .... still havn't seen an issue.

so I'd so my review is not so good

T Arnold

Magnifying glass

The Mag. has a nice cover, but once inside the print is to hard to read.

It has potiential on the stories it covers.

Wired so Very Tired

I'm amazed that this sententious, gaudy zine still exists. The challenge is to distinguish between content and advertising. Rather than Marshall McLuhan as their patron saint, they should have chosen Calvin Klein.