Reviews For Wired Magazine

Can not read it - literally - They use a tiny size 6 font everywhere to make room for more ads

While they have occasional good articles, the science and technology details are low and not what I expected.

My biggest complaint is that I can not read the magazine - literally! In order to make more room for more pages of glossy paid advertisemets they print their articles using the most tiny print font I have ever seen in any printed magazine. My eyes are fine; I read many magazines and all others with no trouble. They must be using a size 6 font or smaller!


Don't Waste Your Money

Don't waste your money on this magazine. It contains too many ads and boring articles.


I got what I paid for on this subscription.

This magazine is not worth my time reading it.

Of no value to me, although I am into elecronics.

Never arrived

This has never arrived.
When the first issue comes I will read it with enthusiasm.

Why bother?

The subscription was included in another purchase. I've seen the mag before and found it to be pretty useless as far as conveying hard information. Most of what I've read from the articles can be found in the product's press release.

Maybe I got a bad issue.....first impressions are everything!

I don't have much to say, completely shocked and grossed out by this magazine. I bought it for my husband to enjoy, he is a tech junkie and a video game guy. The description just made it sound great and I got a super deal. The first issue that arrived is this one pictured, the underworld issue, and it tells you how to smuggle coke on an airplane, gives some fabulous information on human body part sales on the black market, and an informative breakdown of the ingredients in heroin. I almost had a heart attack, and I am dying for an explanation. Totally dumbfounded.

Wired not what I expected.

I had previously purchased off the newsstand copies of Wired and enjoyed it, but upon receiving my subscribed copies and having more time to read it feel now it was a mistake. It is not quite what I thought it was. It is a little too edgy for me.

Not my cup of tea!

Fine for a free Mag. I would not buy this it is not a magazine for anyone under 55 years old nothing in it I would ever care about definitly not anything about electronics or audio equipment.

Vacuous, But Oh So Glossy!

The allure of Wired is entirely beyond me. My problem with Wired is that it is devoid of content. In any given issue, the sum information that it provides could neatly be spread onto a low-tech 3x5 index card. Despite its pretense, Wired offers all of the stimulating substance of an issue of Tiger Beat or an episode of Mamma's Family. The magazine is far more concerned with glossy advertisements and mini-features that barely run over 200 words. If you actually want articles that delve into a subject with an expertise that is accessible without being alienating, then do not subscribe to this magazine. All in all, Wired seems to provide nothing more than a means for techno-yuppies to shop for new gadgets, and in that respect it actually does a fantastic job of mirroring the Web itself.

awful baloney

According to this magazine we'll all have rocket ships in the next 5 years. Pretentious tech magazine.