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Vanity Fair

Great Magazine, great price, arrives promptly. Just a little disappointed as I've had 2 delivered so far and both times the front cover was torn!


This magazine is a gift . It is not to be sent to me!!!!

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I've written you and called you twice about this order!!!

What a loss

I have been a subscriber to Vanity Fair for over ten years and eagerly await the end of my subscription. It has become yet another Hollywood PR rag, seemingly more interested only in pandering to rampant hunger for inane celebrity gossip. I seem to remember a time, in the Tina Brown era, where one would read more about politics, crime and international news than learn about the hidden contradictions of Meg Ryan's perky demeanor. It even seems as if the poetic photography of Annie Leibowitz has become less imaginative and more pedestrian.

There are articles from years past I will never forget, like the one about a woman who stalked various famous doctors around the world. The reporting was deep, rich and filled with salient facts. Much has been written about how much Graydon Carter has done for the success of the magazine. To me, he has accomplished nothing more than creating a high-gloss, literate version of People Magazine. The magazine world is poorer for it.


This is a: News magazine

Truly a Magazine of Vanities

I have only read one issue of Vanity Fair so this is a fledgling opinion. Vanity Fair felt like People magazine aiming to be lofty. I found the Lindsay Lohan article to be a poor representative of what journalism is, most horrendously were the snarky remarks-- what happened to a bit of respect to your interviewee? Much of the opinion throughout the magazine has a greater-than-thou feel to it. However it is a light read and has a few interesting things in there, just make sure to take EVERYTHING in this pulp crossed withcriticism with a tablespoon of salt, after all you don't want this medicine to go down smoothly at all!

Used to be the best

About two years ago, Vanity Fair was not only the best magazine of the year, but maybe all time. I would read it from cover to cover.

Now, sadly, it is a bunch of fluff. The quality has really gone downhill. I am going to let my subscription run out. I really miss the old days.

About as thick as Vogue.

Yes most issues are as thick as Vogue, which of course means like 50 pages of ads, before you get to the first page of text, but overall, I'm really impressed with their articles. They write about a variety of topics, and I thought it was great, how in the March (current) issue, the Editor In Chief, decided to use his column, to show the names of everyone who's died since the war in Iraq began, and where they were from, and what rank they were. It was really sad seeing these guys who were only 19, and they had their whole life ahead of them still. (Of course, these were all the people who had died as of press time for the issue). I believe the count was 472, and that has risen by almost 100, but it was still a very nice gesture. So what genre is Vanity Fair in exactly? Well, first off, dont let the name fool you and dont think just because when you first open it and you come to your first perfume sample, that it is only a magazine for women. Because further on in, they also have male models, so it's kind of for both genders. Some might say it's an Entertainment mag, but I hear it's just General Interest, and that's why it's not in the women's magazine section of my local grocery store, and it's just to the right of the Entertainment ones, so apparently, it's General Interest, and it means it's for anyone. You really shouldn't be ashamed to get it, like I first was. EDIT 3/13/04: After recieving the new issue today, I'm completely sure it more for women that anyone else.

Not quite as informational as the phone book, and less entertaining

I'm not sure how this magazine ever got the reputation for being more than the glossy fanzine it is. There's nothing wrong with celebrity mags, but this one has pretensions of so much more when essentially, it's about as deep as an E! True Hollywood Story about Kato Kaelin. I've tried many times, but alas, this one is sadly not worth the tree destroyed to print it.

Really delayed delivery

It's a little ridiculous that I placed this order on 15 August and am not going to get a subscription until November...

People Magazine for Pretentious People

I'd always heard about interesting articles in this magazine. But the mess of ads and People magazine gossip that lands (with a big, heavy thud) on my doorstep every month is the most worthless magazine I've ever made the mistake of purchasing. It's pretentious tripe aimed at a small group of NYC media insiders, self-regarding movie celebs, and those people who'd like to be part of that world. Even when they occasionally hit on a compelling subject, the writers are so narcissistic as to be truly repellent. It'd be more accurate simply to cut "Fair" out of the title.

Try Vanity Trash

Never mind the near naked women photos, the articles look like they were written by two year olds on a cheap PC Computer. Just wind. No fact finding, no uncovering news from reliable sources, NOTHING. It is trash magazine that has Gossip which makes the National Enquier look good.