Reviews For Threads Magazine

Better than a mid-night phone call...

I simply love this magazine. Over the years as I have taken on a sewing project. The odd class play costume, pair of curtains or the shirt I wanted. This Magaizine has always had the best explainations of sewing instructions, plus pictures to go along.
I have enjoyed their insightful discussions of fabrics as well as all the latest "news" from the wide world of garment making. I apperciate that they are not devoted to making holiday crafts! The world does not need another set of fluff instructions.
I look foward to the beautiful back page of historical fabric as well every month.
Its the only magazine of which I have ever collected an entire set of back issues. These I consider a bit of a "Sewing Safty Net" They are worth their weight in gold.
Some day maybe I'll buy the issues binders.


If I could subscribe to only one magazine, this would be it. I read every page of every issue. I am pleasantly surprised at how often Threads will address a current project or question that I have. The articles are always intelligently written and clearly illustrated. I even enjoy reading the articles on topics I will probably never use. The projects described are never gimmicky or cutesy. Overall, this magazine is sophisticated, informative, and beautifully designed.


I have been a subscriber to Threads magazine for several years. I look at it as soon as it comes in the mail. I always find interesting and useful articles that are well illustrated. The articles list resources for appropriate patterns, supplies, etc. There are advertisements for unusual and hard to find products. I even enjoy the ads!

sew your way to an armani suir

I have been subscribing to this magazine for at least 3 years (although I can't remember how many more). I love this magazine. The pictures are beautiful, and the articles are inspirational. I get many ideas on clothes from this magazine.

I work as a costume designer and am always looking to expand my ideas for sewing. The only complaints I have with this magazine are that the articles are confusing. I have some difficulty following their instructions for constructing a garment. As an experienced sewer I get frustrated when I can't understand what they are talking about. This isn't an all the time problem, just occasionally I find I can't follow the directions easily.

Many of the ideas they feature in their magazine are not cheap to construct, however they are all beautiful. They suggest things like how to make an Armani suit and other expensive designer clothes. They often give away designer secrets on those little touches that finish a garment more professionally than a home sewer does. Some of the things they suggest are a little too couture for what I would wear to the supermarket, but for people living in more metropolitan areas they would fit right in. If you like to sew and are an experienced sewer who likes wearing clothes on the cutting edge of fashion then you HAVE TO buy this magazine.


not the Threads magazine of the past

I used to dream about subscribing to Threads and drool over them in the library, but the new format beginning in Fall 2005 is disappointing. They have added many more articles of interest to very new sewers such as how to choose the correct needle for a fabric. This basic info is readily available in many basic sewing books and it is not why I renewed to Threads for another 3 years. This magazine once showed cutting edge techniques and lots of projects that intermediate and advanced sewers could savor. As a beginning sewer I used to dream about conquering the exciting projects in Threads. Now, they have watered it down to appeal to less skilled people at the expense of the projects and information that made it stand out from other sewing magazines. This is still a "good" magazine, but no longer excellent. I wish that I could get back my money for the next 3 years and spend it on fabric.

Changed format/contents

I have always enjoyed every issue of Threads in the past. The new format / contents does not appeal to me. Threads is now a beginner sewing magazine like many others on the market. Thread's was once a great magazine, the only one on the market for the intermediate and advanced sewers. The projects were wonderful and I and other's I know kept every single issue. Not now, there isn't really much in Thread's for the wearable art/advanced sewer. I will really miss the couture finishing techniqes and other articles with new ideas. These articles were much more detailed than any book. Because of this detail a sewer with some experience could use these articles to become an advanced sewer more quickly than buying many books. I only gave the 2 star's because it is a nice beginner magazine. If you are new to sewing this is a good magazine, but the more advanced sewer's should pass this one up.