Reviews For The Economist Magazine

Excellent Source Material

My whole family enjoys reading The Economist in order to keep up with world news. We especially like the format--each article is completed before a new one begins. No turning to pages in the back of the magazine.

best news magazine

The Economist is objective, thorough, and well written. No tabloid here! Excellent global news that you can't find anywhere else. If you really want to be informed, this is the best journalistic selection for the price.

Exhausting Coverage of the World Today

I fell in love wth the Economist magazine years ago while traveling on air planes and I cannot think of another magazine that contains so much information about the world today covering everything from politics, social issues and economic conditions. The Economist has no real political bone to pick but provides a wealth of information about what is goiung on around the globe by region and specific countries with in those regions. The amount of imformation is somewhat daunting but each the Economist includes capsule versions for quick reads. If you want to get the maximum amount of information about the world today with excellewnt editorials, the Economist gives you the best global persepective.

Insightful and Open Publication

The Economist is an excellent source for keeping up on world affairs. Where some news outlets seem to have fallen into a trap of only covering a few glitzy stories or mistaking opinion with fact, the Economist has managed to incorporate a considerable amount of breadth while being almost totally transparent when it comes to stating their own opinions. The result is a meaty magazine that is consistently engaging its readers with fresh perspectives.

What I like most about this publication is how they break down and analyze their news. As someone who was completely new to world affairs it took me only a few issues to begin seeing the many connections in various stories. This is all in thanks to how the Economist is able to compare current events to past ones, highlight the signifigance both nationally and internationally of various events, and then speculate how events may impact the future. And unlike many US based media-behemoths, the Economist seems to take a more open-minded tone; it is able to acknowledge possible pitfalls in its own views while giving a fairly good representation of counter viewpoints.

I would recommend this publication to anyone that could use more insight about international events, or even wanting to see America from an outside perspective (a whole section is dedicated to US news). If you are planning to travel (especially anywhere in Europe, Japan or China) definitely consider adding a subscription to the Economist along with your travel-books. It will give you a great tool to further engage the culture and understand some of the innerworkings of the countries you are traveling to.

Christmas gift for college student

My son who is an economics major loves this magazine. It really helps him relate to current events.

One of the greatest magazines out there

The economist is one of the best magazines available today. The economist has been able to improve the quality of the magazine by charging subscribers more in order to cover the costs of sending journalists out to research, and report.

I read the magazine from cover to cover, and find the articles interesting, well researched, and backed up with extensive analysis and data. It took me a while to get adjusted to The Economist. This magazine includes comprehensive coverage into the economic and political events that impact this world. The economist features extensive coverage into events in Europe.

- Quality journalism
- Interesting Articles
- Data/Analytics
- Global Viewpoint

- Expensive
- Look elsewhere if you needs tips about stocks
- Coverage focuses on Europe

the whole news and it's funny

I have been receiving and reading the Economist for so many years that I never considered writing a review for it. I feel like I am getting extremely well rounded news about the entire world and it helps me live with perspective. When a new one first arrives I first page through the entire thing and look at the funny photos and very funny headlines - a favorite is "A nasty Brown mess" - there are so many! I imagine a board room of people looking through photos and making up the funniest lines they can think of and they are really great. It is extremely well written, each part of the world is covered, the book reviews are terrific, and in the back, every month, they have the absolute best obituaries on unusual interesting people, many of whom I have never heard of.

My favorite magazine!

I've wanted this magazine for 6 months, and finally splurged and got it.

I love reading this magazine each week! Puts all other news magazines to SHAME!

One of the best, if not the best news magazine

Well written, insightful and covers a wide scope of topics.

You might not always agree with all the view points presented, but the argument are put forth in a coherent and beautifully written way.

One of the best news magazine in publication. If you would get only one news magazine, this is it.

Fast delivery

I'm impressed that they were able to deliver before the expected date. The Economist is a great read