Reviews For The Economist Magazine

A great news magazine for superior overall long-term awareness

First, my mini-disclaimer. I am 25 year old with a short attention span (I'm starting to think I may have mild ADD and plan to chase that).

I really am interested in the news - not the trashy tabloid news or news with an agenda of it's own, but solid news that will make me a better person because I understand what is happening in the world (outside the U.S. as well as in). The Economist is packed with a lot of news that you simply won't find anywhere else. With everything that has gone down in the last year with the economic crisis, as well as the continuing turmoil in the Middle East, I wanted a reliable news source that I could depend on that would help me become more aware of current events. For me, The Economist is not easy to read through as the news and information is very detailed... but such details are necessary if you care to know the full picture. Some of the stories I do not care about, and I do skip. Many of the stories that are touched upon will be reviewed again later with updates and such, which is nice. If you don't have a good basis of what GDP means and other basic economic terms, I suggest you read a basic econ. book first, just so you will understand some of the articles a bit better - you will get more out them. Overall, if you read the Economist for a few months and dedicate the time it takes each week (it does take dedication from you), you will develop a much better understanding of the world. With so many people my age completely apathetic to the events at all levels - local, national and international, I like the idea that I can actually explain to a certain extent, why the economy is the way it is, why gas prices are going up or down, or what kind of an influence a specific decision by some politician may have on all of us. While a subscription to the magazine is pricey (I got the subscription off the Economist website), I feel it is worth every single penny.

The Economist is to Time as Time is to People

I love it - The Economist's US coverage is more in-depth than any weekly I know. The international section is my favorite.

Best global weekly magazine in the world

If you can only subscribe to one news weekly, I would suggest The Economist. I've been reading it for almost thirty years and am never disappointed. Combining incisive reporting with humor and a bit of serendipity, The Economist is a must-read in today's global world.

For the thinking man

I'm not going to pretend that I agree with every word I read in this publication, but even on topics that I am skeptical of, a very good case is made. One thing everyone should strive for is to get a better understanding of the world around them, and there really is no better place to turn for that understanding than the pages of The Economist. Everyone should subscribe.

No more newspapers

This is simply the best news magazine on the market. Unless you are a trader who needs to get the news instantly, the economist is a much better source for all your weekly news. Articles are well-considered, well-written and often thought provoking. I always agree strongly, or disagree vehemently, but am never bored. All the news you need is here, in context, and after a few days has passed to know whether or not it was as important as it seemed.

Although written in English (rather than American) it is readily understood by people the world over. As a foreign written publication it takes a more neutral opinion of American politics than any news source in the US, and is therefore as likely to irritate liberals as conservatives.

The best English-language news magazine in the world

I have been reading The Economist for 15 years and absolutely love it. It has the best concise coverage of news around the world. Its business and economics coverage caters well to my interest in both. I recommend The Economist to any educated intelligent reader who wants to be informed of all major political and business developments around the world in a concise weekly format.

Phenomenal News Source

The Economist is published weekly in Britain and is a different type of news magazine than Time, Newsweek, or U.S. News.

There is MUCH more "hard" news in this magazine than in American news magazines, which have trended toward including more and more "soft" news in recent decades.

Each week, there are features about relevant events from all corners of the world. As you might expect from the title, there is an extensive business section each week as well. The magazine is right of center on economic issues, left of center on social issues, and seems fairly centrist on foreign policy.

At the end of each issue, there are tables of figures for GDP, inflation rates, currencies, unemployment rates, interest rates, and stock markets for all of the world's major countries.

Given the trend toward more and more "fluff" features in news today, I think that it's great that there is still a magazine like this almost a decade into the twenty-first century.

global perspective and informative

I started reading the Economist four years ago, basically on my commute to work. It's a big magazine (usually 95 pages) so it would last me the whole week. In those four years I greatly increased my knowledge about the world. Every edition is grouped into categories, such as "The USA" "Africa & Middle East" "Europe" "Asia" "Finance" "Science" "Arts" and etc. They have the same format every week so every week you will have articles on Africa, Asia, South America, Britian, and so forth. If you read them, or even just skim them, you become well informed on what is happening in the Congo as well as at home. I look forward to receiving the Economist every week.


The Economist is my most trusted advisory subscription. Many US based magazines are too US centric, and this is not the way the economic world appears to be heading. Many of the financial advice magazines are absolutely worthless and should not be printed to save paper and energy.
Get the Economist and let me know if you find another that is competitive in perspective and quality.

Economics at its best

I admire The Economist for its focus on its subject matter, economics. It makes some tacit assumptions, such as assuming that a stronger economy is a good thing, but the assumptions are reasonable. And its slant -- typically economically conservative but socially liberal -- follows exactly from its assumptions. For example, the Economist has published articles that imply that Chavez's policies are bad for his country, but those articles are based entirely on economic analyses. Despite the facts that Chavez is very socially leftist by American standards and The Economist is typically socially leftist, his policies are not highly thought of by The Economist because they are bad economically. The leftist slant the magazine often takes on social issues reflects its focus on economics and results rather than ideology.

This magazine is always well-researched and thought-provoking. If I had to choose one magazine and never read any others again, I would choose The Economist.