Reviews For Teen Vogue Magazine

avant garde

This magazine has fashion that is rather high-end and expensive.
It's sort of interesting, but I find myself going, "Okay, what about this outfit could I actually wear to school?"
Other magazines distill high end fashion FOR you, and give you trends in wearable ways. Not this one.
I won't renew the subscription.

Still, if you're really looking for the most cutting edge fashion, and if that's your passion, then this magazine will be good for you

Teen Vogue

I usually like this type of magazine, but Teen Vogue was just boring. Advertisements every other page and almost no interesting articles.

The funnest thing about the magazine is sniffing the perfume samples.

Grandaughters do not like it...

I have looked at 3 issues my granddaughters lent to me. They complained that it was all adds and expensive clothing and not about REAL kids they know.

I gave it a 2 star (they suggested 00) because it does (as someone else stated) call itself Teen Vogue so a buyer should realize it is a promo magazine like so many others.

I would not buy this for any young girl unless she has a big budget and is all clothes and boys... or if you want to supply fluff for a dreamer.

Eh... not so much.

This magazine isn't really a great magazine for offering fashion advice. It has a lot of pictures of brands that ordinary girls will never be able to afford. The whole magazine is just flipping through designer brand ads and perfume samples. There are hardly any articles and I found it kind of a waste of my time because it's always the same ads over and over and it doesn't really help much in the beauty department, which is its main goal.

Trash (I don't know how to give this magazine zero stars. If I did I would. Promise.)

Please, parents DON'T buy this publication for your daughters. I really don't understand how magazines like this one become popular. What do they have to offer? An endless array of pictures of impossibly thin models pouting and posing capitulating to whatever society wants them to be. It is not their fault and it certainly won't be your daughter's when she learns to think of herself as nothing more than an object. Look as a teen who considers herself to be a young feminist I understand that my views may be a little too radical for other girls my age. However, crap like this is just completely unecessary and ultimately harmful to any teen going through the throws of adolescence. Take it from a girl who has gone through the pain of having and subsequently recovering from an eating disorder. It's not that magazines like Teen Vogue CAUSE girls to develop body image problems, but they certainly don't help. Stop the cycle. Don't buy into the beauty myth.

dont ask your daughters what they think

I checked out teen vogue at my local newsstand. G-d forbid such a magazine should come into my house.
A more appropriate name for this magazine is HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DAUGHTER TO BE A PROSTITUTE.
Know this before buying such a magazine for your children or grandchildren.
Don't tell me I am going overboard. I am a mother of three daughters and this is not the way to educate a girl.

This for teens

I can't believe people will buy this for their teenage girls as young as 12 & 13 & every other coveron the magazine talks about sex. No way my child will be reading this trash.

take long time to get it

i bought the subscription for my daughter. i have nothing to write about because i have not got any issue yet, even i paid for it more than a month ago. it takes long time. hopefully i will write an update review when i finally get it.