Reviews For Teen Vogue Magazine

Perfect for aspiring fashionistas

I absolutely love this magazine. The photos are beautiful, the clothes are to die for and it has some very interesting stories. I am now a freshman in college and I have been reading teen vogue since I was probably a sophomore in high school. Its great for people who are into the fashion scene. They always have articles about inside the fashion industry and stories from real people who share their experiences and give advice on how you to can be a part of fashion. I don't understand why anyone wouldn't like this magazine.

A sense of style for the young!

Teen Vogue is lovely to look at, fun to read, and will inspire teens to dream of the world of high fashion. This is most certainly not a bad thing. While the girls who read Teen Vogue might still shop in Wal-Mart or Target, they can look at those fashions with a more trained eye from seeing the gorgeous fashions that fill the pages of this magazine! If it is true that we can become what we behold, we might as well behold that which is beautiful -- even if it is pricey!

The articles are also well-done. This is an excellent gift for the teen in your family! Love it!


So i thought i check out teen vouge since kirsten stweart was on the cover so i bought one and i LOVE IT! it gives you news about celebs fashion help i am not rich no i can not afford alot of the clouthes in there. pretty much well none. but, it does give you ideas of how to do your closet in difernt ways and explore. buy it for any girl age 11-16.

Teen Vogue

I ordered Teen Vogue as a gift for my granddaughter who loves the magazine. The offer was excellent and it was an easy choice to make. Thanks for the opportunity to shop and save money.

wonderful magazine

This a great magazine for girls ages 12 - 17 who are interested in fashion. This is not your typical tween magazine; it has many interesting and factual articles, celebrity style, and interesting fashion. This a unique magazine that will make any girl feel closer to the runway!

A great fashion Magazine- an exellent preview to Vogue

I first purchased this magazine under the impression that the fashion would be good, almost as good as VOGUE, but having more information for younger women.

Teen Vogue has a great collection of clothes, and let's you know about the latest trends. The clothes may be expensive but Teen Vogue's older sister VOGUE is not known for cheap clothes, so what else could you expect.
The magazine is meant to give the reader ideas. And Teen Vogue often does a few clothing pieces that are affordable.

In all it is a great magazine for fashion lovers.

great magazine

lots and lots of advertising in this magazine, super fun to get ideas from the clothes and photo shoots even if the clothes are way out of my budget

Teen Vogue is a class act

My daughter gets 17, and she enjoys its, but I like the Teen Vogue because it is a little less casual and a little classier. With both publications, she is well balanced.

Perfect teenage girl gift

We gave this to my boyfriend's 12-yr-old niece (who has every imaginable tech toy someone could have!) for Christmas this year and it was the perfect gift! She's just coming into her own now and has lots of curiousity about make-up, clothes, accessories, etc. This mag helps her figure some of that stuff out on her own without the influence of her friends or worse yet, parents---yuck! It's so cute how excited she gets when her mag comes in the mail! She's like a mini-me of an adult getting their People.

Teen Vogue - every so often

I subscribed to this for my niece's birthday, but only AFTER purchase, did I find out that the publication prints on an "unscheduled" basis. Why don't they show this info up front? And how many issues does it work out to be?

The price was cheap, but I hope the purchase was worthwhile, since it's a gift.