Reviews For Southern Living Magazine

Vibrant color pictures.

Nice color photos. A little on the thin side for a magazine, but plenty of recipes. Have not tried any yet so cannot say if they are as delish as they look. Bought the subscription for a friend also, who really enjoys it.

One more thing - pay attention to the the background of each picture for great decorating ideas for your table or sideboard. A lot of the "props" you will find in your kitchen cabinets, or can purchase on a dime at your local second-hand store.

Great Resource for the Price

The price point offer allowed me to give a subscription to my relatives for their birthdays. What an absolute value!

SL review

I think to really enjoy any media is the feeling that it leaves you with.

This magazine makes me want to try the receipts and visit the places described not to mention the good photography-all in good taste!

I don't save magazines but this magazine has that one quality- I've saved some back issues!


I`ve used this magazine previously; but, have not yet had a copy from this subscription. It will rrive in about another month.

Great Southern Magazine

The subscription was slow starting, but Southern Living is as great as ever. Lots of ideas for trips, recipes, house ideas.

Fair t' middlin

Southern Living is great for home decorating ideas, recipes, and craft ideas. I enjoy this magazine immensely for those three reasons. However, it does have some drawbacks.


Overall I give this area of the magazine 4 stars. Key quotes and extras included in articles are highlighted by only one color. This is great as it is less distracting.

However, they lose me a bit in the picture placement. Overall the do really well with not placing the pictures so that I have to go over them to find out where to start reading next. However, this does happen several times in the magazine and that makes for harder reading in my opinion.


Southern Living really makes me feel like they are trying really hard to sell me something. I typically have to get through four or five full page ads just to reach the table of contents.

More advertising, including way too many full page ones, are strewn throughout the magazine. To top this off there is a huge section at the back, the Southern Living Shopper that is just chock full of ads and typically is about 10 pages long(20 both sides).


They do get five stars for this. I simply love the variety in recipes that can be found in this magazine. That really is one of the major high points for me.

Sure some are fancy and perhaps not what a regular type person might make but I do look to this magazine for special occasions when I want to make something a little more special.

I also like the craft ideas as frequently I prefer to make a gift for someone rather than buy one. Southern Living gives me quite a few good ideas in this area.

My favorite craft project to this day is the Sweet Holiday Topiary. This can be found in the December 1993 issue of Southern Living on page 104.

The home decorating tips are very good too. Many seem to go with my style of decorating if not always with my bank account. *grin* It still is nice to look though and get some ideas to keep in mind.

Overall Rating:

Overall I would give Southern Living four stars. It is a great magazine for recipes, home decorating, and crafts with a southern flair.

However, it does have a few drawbacks in layout and advertising amount which kept it from receiving a five star rating.

Final Recommendation:

Buy it once in a while. Flip through the table of contents and see if any articles/recipes/project really peak your interest.

Alternatively you can check to see if your local library carries this magazine. Then you can read it there or if they allow you to check out magazines as mine does you can take it home with you.

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As comforting as vanilla pudding and just about as bland

I am a self-confessed magazine junkie and Southern Living is a fairly new addition to my monthly magazine subscription haul since I've only been receiving it for about 8 months. The magazine itself is well written and offers some interesting tidbits about, go figure, 'Southern Living'. Since I live in the South but am not a native it is fun to read about places in the South and some of the history. The travel activities seem to be directed more toward families with small children or people who think 'antique' is a verb which doesn't suit the needs of empty-nesters not into antiques like my husband. The decorating segments are always fun to read but be prepared for more toile than may be legal in 48 states. Probably the best part of the magazine is the food section. The menu ideas are always great and every recipe I have tried has turned out beautifully. If you like magazines like Good Housekeeping and Martha Stewart Living you'll love this but if your style leans more toward InStyle or Cosmo you might find it a bit of a bore.


Not your Mom's SL

I have been reading Southern Living for over 30 years. My mother was a loyal subscriber, so I've seen this magazine monthly since about 1977 and have all of Mom's annual cookbooks in addition to all the ones I've purchased over the years. All that said, the publication has changed markedly over the past couple of years. All of the recipes used to be from readers, now they are mostly from the publisher. Also, instead of projecting a "warm and fuzzy" neighborly feeling, most of the articles, features and ads are upscale and impersonal. Really a shame, it was such a great publication. "Southern Lady" is reminiscent of the old Southern Living.


I'm really glad that I didn't pay much for this magazine because it is very boring. There's not much to rave about. I've liked a few recipes but that's about it.

good product, poor billing

I purchased this mag as a gift for my daughter-in-law, had it shipped to her address, and billed to me. Mag billed me and her. She was miffed. I was mad. Makes one want to forgot mag subscriptions all together.