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Southern Living: The True Voice of The South

Through my years of living in the South, my family has subscribed to Southern Living magazine. This magazine provides wonderful portraits on important figures of the south, fabulous photos, and avid and refreshing descriptions of our wonderful region. In each issue, there is a story written about the south, by a southerner. These stories can warm your heart and bring tears to your eyes at the same time. The recipes inside are also wonderful things to use. You haven't tasted good food until you've tasted good Southern cooking a la' Southern Living magazine. Gardening is a cinch too! I've never seen our flowers smell so good or grow so healthy until I picked up a copy of this magazine! I highly recommend it for any gardening or cooking need. However, it may not be useful for much else other than entertainment. If you want to cozy by the fire, on the subway, on the bus, or in a field, practically anywhere, and want something good to read, I suggest you pick up a copy of Southern Living magazine on your way! God Bless and Enjoy!


The South know how to live.

I have been getting this magazine for about 6 months now. It was a gift from my sister-in-law. I can't wait for it to come each month.

It is really a one of a kind magazine. The articles are petty good. It has great gardening tips, tips on how to decorate, travel section and you can't forget the recipes that come with it. I enjoy the gardening section of the magazine and the pictures of the landscapes are just the best.

We have even gotten some great idea on how to decorate and what to built for our house. There was a gas fireplace that I saw in one of the magazines. We had priced some and they were not as nice or just to small. So my husband built me a copy of the one from the magazine.


Southern Living Magizine ... The best of the south

I move to New Orleans Almost two years ago and will be returning to New York in a month. What will I take back with me that I did not bring here? Zatarians rice mixes and Southern Living Magazines.

I had noticed Southern Living when I lived in the north, but I has always dismissed it as something I could never be interested in. I actually picked up and peaked into the magazine while eating lunch. It was laying on the conference table in the design firm I was working for. To my surprise, I found it to be delightful. I also found that I was actually decorating in a similiar style to what was in the magazine.

Since then, whenever I can get my hands on one I read it cover to cover. With every issue I find fresh new Ideas that I will and have adapted for my own use.

As soon as I get my new NY address, I am going to order a subscription just in case I can't find it on the local magazine rack!


The mag of the South

Once you get past all the advertisements in this magazine, it is really pretty good. It has lots of travel, gardening ideas, and some really great recipes.

I love this magazine for it's gardening section. I grew up in the north, Pennsylvania to be exact and I loved all the flowers that grew there. When I came to Florida I found I had a hard time growing any of the ones from the north. This magazine shows all the zones and the plants that will grow there as well as the type of soil and amount of light they need.

I recently bought a new house and I have relied on Southern Living for all my gardening needs and so far I am having a lot of luck.

I don't save the recipes though because I make it a point to get the Southern Living Annual Recipe book that comes out at the end of the year.
Just for your information, all the magazines found inside of your Southern Living magazine are compiled into one hard bound book.


Makes Me Proud to be from the South

This is absolutely one of my favorite magazines. It has a little something for everyone. It focuses on travel, cooking, gardening, decorating, the southern way of living, etc. This magazine is great for Southerners and those not from the South.

I find this magazine to be very insightful and it really aids in breaking the stereotype that many people have about the South and the good people that live here. It shows the beauty and grace of the South plus the rich history that surrounds this part of the country.

I don't know if I could truly pinpoint anyone particular feature that is my favorite. I like to read all about the different cities showcased throughout the magazine. When they showcase cities, they let the reader know about great dining, shopping, lodging and activities that can be found in that particular city. They showcase festivals and events that are held in cities across the South.

I love the gardening tips and all the beautiful photographs of different gardens that are in the magazine. In fact, Southern Living has some of the most beautiful photographs that I have seen in a magazine. The pictures just seem jump off the page.

The recipes range from elegant to down home cooking. They have recipes that are for "master chefs" and for those just learning. They are easy to follow recipes and there is always something that appeals to everyone.

The magazine offers how-to-projects on thing for the garden and for the home. Some past examples are bookcases, tables, and benches for the garden. They have a house plan in each magazine for those who are looking to build or for those dreaming of the day they will be able to build their dream home.

I guess you could say that I really love this magazine. It is one magazine that I have read from cover to cover and I always find something useful in it. The writing is well done and holds your attention. When I writer is talking about a city or bed and breakfast, you feel as if you are their experiencing everything that is being written.

Southern Living is a true expression of the South and all its glory.


Southern Living

I have always enjoyed Southern Living magazine. I don't feel that they put enough recipes in the newer issues as they have in the past. The recipes are what keeps me subscribing.

Southern Living

Being fairly new to the South, Southern Living provides a gentle orientation to life, food, attractions, and a lifestyle that is gracious and just a bit slower than it was up North. Pictures are gorgeous, and while we do a bit of work to make recipes a bit less like Paula Dean, we love then. Always a pleasure to read Southern Living...usually the day it arrives.

Great gift!

I ordered a subscription for a co-worker as part of our Secret Santa exchange. She was so excited to get it and has made some of the recipes to share at the office!

Good Magazine

For several years I have subscribed to Southern Living Magazine. I enjoy the magazine very much. I especially love the recipes and look forward to them each month. I have made some great things for my family from Southern Living and they have enjoyed everything I have made. I have some dessert recipes I treasure and have made them time and time again.

Southern Living

I enjoy the magazine and have subscribed to it over quite a few years. It is, however, running a lot more ads and the recipe section is a fraction of what it used to be, which was one of my main reasons for wanting the magazine. I may not order it again after this subscription.