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I bought this magazine and tried the recipes and they had a recipe for banana pudding and oh wow it was so good. The other thing is that they dont have recipes for small cooking , they teach you to cook large which is good for me because I love to eat and food last for a long time thats if you do not eat it all. These recipes are good for parties or what ever event you have, they also have great ideas for decorating , for instance decorating for christmas , stuff like that. This is the magazine of all magazines because it has better recipes and it feeds a whole family and you still have left overs.


Southern Living Magazine

Having just made the gigantic leap from an Alaskan resident to a Georgia resident, I find Southern Living Magazine to be a refreshing, informative, and helpful magazine! The recipes are always excellent, and I enjoy preparing them for our family and church friends. The travel information has been invaluable to us in planning family get-togethers and vacations in the South. The decorating ideas and gardening ideas are also helpful to us as we plan the landscaping for our new house. Even the advertisements are an asset to the magazine. Thank you, Southern Living, for showing us a more genteel and gracious way of life. You have helped to make our transition from the far north easier in many respects, and I look forward to perusing each issue, with pleasure.


Southern Charm

I may may be a little bias because I am a good old Southern girl myself. I believe Southern Living is right up there with Better Homes and Gardens. Please don't tell them I said that I might want to write something for them someday.

For the finger-licking recipes, delightful home decor, and gardening articles. It capture southern cooking like no other magazine.

I can't tell why I like or dislike a special article. Because I like all the article I read and don't read what doesn't interest me. I especially like the travel article. One thing many of us fail to do is visit our own sites. I lived in New Orleans for 8 year and never once visited Bourbon Street, go figure.

If you like Southern Living try Better Homes and Gardens, Country Woman, and Country Journal.


Southern Living magazine review

I have subscribed to the magazine, Southern Living, for several years and have continued to love the magazine! The recipes included in each issue are wonderful and I have been known to use many of them. Each holiday is full of suggestions -- whether it be decorating or food suggestions/preparation, so it is an outstanding magazine for those who like to prepare new dishes or decorate!

Great Magazine

This is a great magazine with a wide range of interesting articles.
It has travel features and good recipes which are both some of my favorites.

Southern Living Magazine

Southern Living is a wonderful magazine, at least to a girl with southern roots. Look forward to receiving it each month..Have been getting it for many years....Would recomment it as the #1 monthly.

great magazine

This has been a favorite magazine of mine for years. Got a good price from you all which makes it even better! Their yearly Christmas books are also wonderful!

Great Magazine,could eat up the pictures.

Love the different food pictures and instructions. Great articles make planning a trip a breeze.

My standby for all things Southern!

What can one say that hasn't been said about this magazine? I haven't been in a Southern home from Florida to Virginia and Mississippi to Texas that doesn't have at least one well-worn copy in the bathroom or in the kitchen recipe rack. The most perfect of "Southerness" is featured in these issues. Yes, current themes and ideas, but always the tried and true that trancend time. Almost every recipe is a keeper and likely passed around the neighborhood and book club or bridge table. Get this magazine as a subscription and sit back with a glass of sun tea, (that's real sugered iced tea,)and a plate of sugar cookies,(both found on-line on the Southern Living site)and read it from cover to cover. I defy you not to find something you can use.
Ya'll come back now, heah?

Southern Charm

I have been a subscriber of Southern Living for 30 years. This monthly magazine has taught me about gardening, decorating, house design, decadent recipes, healthy cooking, and travel to places I wouldn't have gone to without reading their pages.

I look forward to reading delightful musings each month in the Southern Journal. The writers remind us of why we hold the south, southern hospitality, and all its charm dear to our hearts.

You would think that after so many years covering holidays and seasonal ideas that one would grow bored with a magazine. I still find Southern Living to be surprising, entertaining, and educational.

Whether you a southerner by birth, or simply want to know more about our ways, this magazine should be in your mailbox every month.