Reviews For Slam Magazine

The basketball Bible!

Slam magazine is the magazine for basketball fanatics. Not only does it feature what I think are the best pictures that can be found, but it also includes some of best writing. Scoop Jackson and Michael Bradley are two of my personal favorites. They always present their opinion clearly and thoroughly. Slam also features sections such as "slamadamonth" an article with great pictures that re-enacts one of the most exciting dunks of the month and "kicks" a section that goes over all the latest basketball and even non-basketball shoes. If you want to hear opinions, try reading "trash talk", the editorial section in Slam. Overall, this is the best basketball magazine I have found and I strongly recommend that you try it out.


Slam is the best basketball magazine

The reason i bought a subscription to this magazine is because of its great pictures and articles. Each month the magazine has a different poster in it. One player on the front and another player on the back. Each month the posters get better and I have a hard time choosing which one to put up on my wall. I have at least a dozen posters up from this magazine on my wall. This magazine compares to NBA Inside Stuff. Both cover just basketball. I have a subscription to both magazines. I think SLAM is much better and NBA Inside Stuff is only sent to you every two months. SLAM is sent to you every month. The writers in SLAM write their opinions on player and teams very well. They are always to the point and bring both sides to every story. SLAM is a great magazine.


It's Ghetto Good!

Definitely hip, definitely hop. At least it tries to be.

Slam offers insight into the lively culture that embodies the world of basketball. The monthly basketball magazine trash talks us through the latest news, editorials, and conversations with the stars of yesterday <legends>, today <NBA>, and tomorrow < college and high school>. Inside each issue, you?ll see more than your fair share of thuggish tattoos, tight dunks, ghetto talk and everything in between.
Whether you like this is a matter of preference.

the Good
--Vivid pictures.
Whether it?s Steve Francis? reverse jam or Vince Carter?s between-the-leg dunk in the NBA all-star game, there is definitely no shortage of colorful photos. Many of Slam?s pages are lined with shots of your favorite pro-ballers in action.
Each article features at least a couple portraits, or poster photos of basketball players in action. The photos are the magazine?s strongest point; no other magazine <SI, ESPN The Magazine> captures as many amazing shots.

--Feature articles.
Feature articles are short and full of interesting facts. They are reported in a voice that is more in-line with on-court trash talk than anything else. This month?s issue, May ?00, features a piece on the flashy, irreverent 76ers point-guard Allen Iverson.
It also highlights other NBA stars like Steve Francis, Dirk Nowitzki, as well as non-NBA stars <future All Americans and NBA stars>.
High school students are made features, not just in small little ?face-in-the crowd? portraits that is typical of Sports Illustrated?s; but rather, they are featured in detailed and colorful articles. Seven full pages were dedicated to high school basketball players, in a section titled ?punks.?

The magazine features poster pullouts, like Playboy, sans the bios and nudity. Called slamups, these colorful two-page pullouts feature shots of the pros and their incredible dunks. In this month?s issue, the half-man, half-amazing Vince Carter <also dubbed the next Michael Jordan> is featured with one of his hot dunks from the NBA all-star slam dunk contest. The last issue, April ?00, featured Shaq with a towering tomahawk over another player.

Most interviews that are provided in sports magazines cover up foul language. Not Slam. Slam reports it as is. The language is foul, reflecting the nature, language, and tone of the NBA.

--While NBA on NBC may be rated a PG for its content, Slam magazine deserves an R rating. That is not to say this is a bad thing. But rather it is just a warning that the magazine is geared towards more mature reading audiences.

--Words of wisdom.
There is never a lack of quotations from players who seemingly open up to the magazine interviewers. This is a compliment to the interviewers. For example, in the May issue, it is clear that Iverson and Francis spoke openly and frankly about their views on various players, the sport itself, and their lifestyles.

Ads are pretty nifty as well.

the Bad and the Ugly
--language. Caution: Parents of younger children be advised that there is much offensive language within these articles. In keeping the magazine ?real?, the language is uncensored and unedited. If you're looking for a wholesome magazine for your kiddies, I suggest SI for Kids.

Sure there are plenty of them, perhaps too many for your personal liking.

the LowDown
Slam reports the lifestyles of pro and amateur basketball players on and off the court in an easy to read, laid back style. The magazine boasts impressive pictures, interesting articles, and creative ads. I highly recommend it for basketball enthusiasts or sociologists studying the colorful lifestyle that is the NBA.


Good Mag, with mixed issues

This is a good magazine about high school, college, and NBA basketball news. I think this magazine can be funny at times while can be vulgar at others. There is a lot of swears and player bashing but all in all it is good literature. I am a subscriber because I love the pictures, and the funny jokes. The photography is probably the best thing about it. I do not agree with the constant bringing up of the white and black issue. This magazine often puts the image that you must be african american and from the ghetto, with no way out, to succeed as a basketball player. The pictures and interesting articles of the NBA's best players definetly outweighs the negative things about this mag.


Slam is Da Bomb

Slam is one of the best basketball mags on the market. I subscribe to about seven different ones currently and Slam give some of the best articles out. They are very informative and always have articles that are about the players life not just the game. Slam moves from the stars of mens ball to womens ball and even to high school and college ball so you get a huge variety when you the this magazine. The pictures that Slam includes are always some of the hypest and have more action then the other magazines. Slam gets all the respect from me because they truly keep the fans informed on what is happening in basketball.


King of basketball magazines

Well, lets start off by saying that slam magazine is the best basketball mag out there. Nothing else can compare to its originality and its in your face articles. When your looking for basketball, it tops all other magazines. Nothing can compare to the quality of slam magazine. In my experience with slam magazine i have been completely satisfied with its originality. There are remarkable interviews with some of the most talented NBA stars. A highly anticipated part of slams monthly magazine is the slam top ten. Other anticipations are slamadamonth and baby baller of the month. There is also a monthly slamups poster, witch comes in every issue. It is a pull out poster of the best players in the NBA. Slam magazine also includes the top clothing and mush have appearal. Slam magazine also offers a trash talk section in its monthly mag. Trash talk gives the readers an opertunity to state their opinion, and if the readers letter is published it will be with a returned letter from the slams editor, witch will answer you questions and comment your letter. Although it does not cover other sports it has a facanating amount of basketball information in it. Overall, its the best basketball magazine you can possibly purchase.


Flagrant Foul!!!!

When it comes to basketball,look no further than the magazine known to us as Slam.This magazine has revolutionized the way the world and myself looks at the sport or should i say entertainment of basketball.

Slam combines the sex appeal of beautiful women in scantily clad outfits which appeals to the majority of the teenage to middle aged male consumers that provide much of the publicized basketball market today with the always entertaining sport of basketball and the personalities that take part in helping their team in winning a championship.

Slam magazine has a very creative and innovative team of writers that know how to write educationally and yet hip and cool in a language that todays teenagers and adults can easily understand.They present the facts in a educational yet entertaining manner that can catch the eye of even the most unentertained reader.

Slam presents product reviews as well as game by game results and interviews.So,if you are looking for a magazine to buy that is entertaining yet informative,look no forward than Slam magazine because when you read it,youll feel like you just won the NBA Championship,LUCKY!!!!!



I love this mag. Goes in depth, shows guys and girls hoops, spotlights high-school up and comers, and always has the articles on the hottest players, without dissing Michael! Also, has a "SNEAK OF DA MONTH" so I can see what is up and coming in the shoe market, and just love the in your face dunk pics! Where SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is for my dad, this magazine is written for a b-ball player by ball players. This magazine also pays respect to the legends of the game so that the younger students of the game gain a respect for the game. The only concern that I have is to the fact that Slam targets male teens, leading to a great deal of advertisements for clothes and shoes. Sometimes the writing gets a little "Ghetto" for a basketball playing white guy!



Slam is definetly ghetto. The letter section alone , entitled "trash talk", has more swearing than youd expect to find in an entire basketball magazine. But when you buy this thats what you have to expect. This is the magazine that definitively captures the basketball culture. The slang, the gear, the music, its got everything connected with basketball life. Great coverage of all aspects also, interviews with old school players, great coverage of womens, college , high school and even playground to go along with the NBA stuff. If your looking for the hottest new kicks , clothes or products they have a whole section about new release stuff too.


Slam is Slammin

Slam is the greatest basketball magazine out there. And it isn't preppy like other magazines which tell you what has already happened and they write it in perfect english. Now Slam, writes it in slang which is the way most hoops fan speak. They have great pictures. But there best part is definately there interviews.They go where most magazines don't. They get down and dirty to get you the best interviews of the hottest high school ballers, college players and NBA stars. That magazine will keep you busy for a long time. A LONG time. This is probably the best basketball magazine. Make that the best sports magazine.