Reviews For Shutterbug Magazine

Shutterbug Magazine

Good, informative articles covering a wide range of photographic topics. Great reviews of both equipment and software. The tips are informative and helpful for all ranges of users.

Better then Popular Photography

Shutterbug seems to have the meat still there with good articles and information - not necessarily highly technical, but not the National Enquirer of the photo magazines.

Popular Photography, after being a reader for over 25 years seems to have lost its way since it added "...and Imaging" to its title. It seems that in its exclamations of products there is seldom a negative word.

Very good magazine

I'm a beginning digital photographer and I started to read this magazine from the newsstand. It's very good. I think it could use a bit more info and tips for beginners but otherwise it is very helpful with product reviews and techniques.

Good to look at while in a bookstore

This is a very basic photography magazine that is best read quickly in the store and put back into the rack.

The camera and lens reviews on the internet are superior and the magazine is bogged down with a ton of advertisements.

Conclusion: save your money.


Ive had a subscription to this magazine in the past and I liked it. So I subscribed again. But its taken about 3 months and I still have not had a magazine delivered. Im rather disappointed that it would take so long for them to deliver to an address they have delivered to in the past, and no word as to why. I dont know if I will renew again at this rate.

Paying for ads?

The amount of content in this magazine vs advertisements is pathetic! I actually enjoy glancing at an ad or two on cameras, lenses, etc. But to be paying for a subscription to "Photo Ad Magazine" doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me! Stay away from this one unless you're just trying to keep abreast of products and pricing! The amount of actual photography skills content and the like is all but non-existent!

Too many ads

Shutter Bug has a lot of potential, but the ads kill it completely! I couldn't read a single article without having to skip a few pages of advertisements. Ridiculous.

It's just ads.

I regret giving this to my boyfriend as a birthday present. They said it might take 12 weeks to get it, but it actually took around 14 weeks, and only after I called and complained repeatedly. I was slightly rebuffed for a while, as apparently, 13 weeks is not too long to wait. The magazine itself is full of ads which might be useful to a professional photographers, but is in no way helpful to an enthusiast.

Don't Get them

the magazine is decent, but there Customer support is [...]. They wont help you solve any issues and wont send there magazine to the right address. I personally wont buy from them again. and my family has had a shutterbug subscription for almost as long as they have been in business. So in my opinion you should look at another magazine if you want to get a product that you can rely on.