Reviews For Shutterbug Magazine

Best magazine

Looking at all the other photography magazines out there I think that is the best one in terms of lerning about photography, all the gear, software and tools involved with it. I really enjoy readin it and have the feeling I learn a lot for the money i pay for the subscribtion.

Shutterbug magazine

Shutterbug is a great magazine for even the inexperienced photographers. The product reviews are great and the articles don't try to talk over your head. I am very pleased with Shutterbug.

good stuff

great magazine, the latest and greatest on all the new photo stuff for any of us shutterbugs out there.

Photographers Best Friend

Very comprehensive magazine..covers all phases of photography without leaning on any one too heavily ....with one major exception... DIGITAL photography and rightfully should be more emphasized, regardless of what the olde "film diehards" have to say......(and I was one of them.... until I saw "the light"}. Frank

Love this magazine!

I really like this magazine, and the subscription price is much cheaper than buying the individual issues one by one...

Good - but wait!

If you see Shutterbug on a news stand you might think it is a typical photo mag for amateurs. The usual heavy emphasis on product reviews and how to articles. In fact the content is very much biased towards professionals. Lots of stuff beyond the interests and capabilities of the average non-pro photographer. e.g. If you want to submit stuff for their challenges they want prints.

However there is a lot of good in it for the rest of us. It is certainly educational.

For my money the best part is in the recommendations of web sites of top class photographers. A real source of inspiration.

Decent general photography magazine

As any magazine that is dependend on advertisements, do not expect too critical articles. Reviews of products usually start with a description that comes straight from the product flyer including all kinds of bold claims. But the reviews themselves seem to be more neutral as compared to some other popular photography magazines.

There are of course many pages of advertisements from the various small and large retailers. Personally I think that is great, as I see it as information (what is on the market, etc). However if you see it as something distracting I'd advise to buy a couple of issues at the supermarket before commiting to a subscription (then again, a year subscription costs about as much as 3 single issues so who cares?)

All in all pleasant reading, not to deep, but I'm always happy when I see the latest issue in my mailbox.

Good general purpose magazine on photography

Shutterbug magazine is good for the beginner as well as the seasoned professional. The magazine tends to be heavy on the product side but this is a good way to keep up with the latest and greatest products (through ads and reviews) that are hitting the market. The articles are interesting and informative.

Great reading

I like this magazine for the howtos. The monthy contest is fun also. I would recommend this one to everyone.

Excellent, well-rounded magazine

Shutterbug is an excellent magazine with good coverage on a wide variety of topics aimed at the average "prosumer". The magazine is jammed with more articles and reviews than most other popular magazines.
It doesn't cater to the artsy snob crowd, so if you're looking for photography that requires you to have a finicky ego, you're probably better off looking elsewheres.