Reviews For Saveur Magazine

An informational yet fun resource

Saveur is by far the best food magazine I've ever ordered, and one of the few I set to automatic renewal. It's informational, not just packed with recipes. Each issue is centered around a topic, market foods, cuts of meat, barbecue, vegetarian dishes, etc. There's an article that introduces the theme and then each of the recipes go on to expand it. The recipes range from very easy to more complex, and I'm willing to bet that just about everyone can find something of interest.

The photos are very well done and accompany the different recipes. It has a nice layout and is really a visual treat to the eyes. This is one magazine that I'd highly recommend for personal use, or as a gift subscription to a friend.

The best food publication out there

This is by far the best food mag published. I have subscribed to it for years and it has never changed in it's excellence. The articles are interesting human interest stories as well as food stories. The recipes they offer actually work!

Excellent food porn

That may sound a bit racy, but it's true. Luscious pictures, great recipes, and global locales. What could be nicer?

Definitely worth your time and money!

I have been subscribing to this magazine for just over two years now and can easily say that Saveur is my favourite food magazine. I love the fact that it has such a strong international focus and brings in great visuals with each article. If you are looking for a magazine with loads and loads of recipes in it this might not be the magazine for you but if you are interested in reading well-written articles that may impart new knowledge and insights Saveur is the right fit. Of all the magzines I subscribe to this is definitely one of those magazines that I actually anticipate its arrival every month. Top quality magazine!


Cooking is life , life is Saveur. If you love to cook and eat the food of the world Saveur will inspire you to do both.

Best. Cooking. Magazine. Ever.

I've tried most of the other cooking magazines, and I retain affection for all of them, but this is my fave. The articles aren't just about cooking - they mesh food with its sources, embed recipes in their cultural context, and feature tools from the sublime to the humble. They have a good section on hard-to-find ingredients, an issue every year on everyone's 100 favorite cooking things (from egg slicers to four star restaurants), and lists of cooking events.

Highly recommended.

Best food magazine out there!

Saveur set the standard for all other food magazines. If you're a foodie, you'll love it.


very good magazine- i got it for my girlfriend as she is a food and drink photographer.

Love Cooking

This is the second year that I purchased this magazine for a friend. He loves to cook and enjoys the recipes that come from Saveur.


Excellent articles but I haven't been able to use any of the recipes. If you order this magazine be sure you just want to read what others are cooking.