Reviews For Saveur Magazine

This Magazine Is A Journey......

I love how they focus on a particular region and give background on the food and the people.

I am still drooling over their visit to Ireland's famed dairy region. I must get my hands on some of that butter.

It seems as if, the writers took the time to get to know the people and infuse their personalities into the recipes.

Recipes and Travel

This magazine is simply beautiful. Excellent wine recommendations each month along with tips, reviews of new products (and where to buy them) and, of course, exquisite recipies, some of which may seem daunting but with some patience and a little preparation are very do-able. But the one aspect to this magazine that sets it apart from other culinary subscriptions lies in its globe-spanning reviews of regional cuisine from their editors (now, I want that job!). From Barcelona to neighborhoods in the Caribbean, "Saveur" tours intriguing locales letting readers explore the delights each region has to offer.

Good content, classy presentation!

If everyone interested in cooking were to read this, France would probably disappear from the map as *the* "haute cuisine" destination. ;-)

Seriously, this is good stuff, with reviews, in depth articles, tips, where to buy this or that (including websites - very useful when you don't leave in NY or SF!)

It also doesn't concerns itself only with super complicated stuff. In fact, my favorite article was about cast iron skillets.

The pictures are great too, and the magazine is nice enough to be proudly displayed on your bookshelves.

This is fun to read and useful - highly recommended!

Great Magazine, a little gem!

I came across Saveur by accident, and initially I just flipped through it at the office, mostly for 5-10 seconds, and then put it down and went on with work.
Recently, I was back into cooking and reading about the culinary world big time, and viola, a stack of Saveur is still sitting there at the corner, piling up.

I gave it a thorough look through, and I was amazed how I have missed this little gem for such a long time, it has information about interesting ingredients, stories, histories, and more.

I definitely enjoyed the article on Salmon, and the reference by someone here about it being like the National Geographic for food, is definitely not too far off.

If you are like me, and like to know about things and not just looking to find recipes, this magazine will wow you.

Someone else said that it encourages travel, and I think that should be the way it is.

Think about it, even if you have the recipe for this interesting dish that you want to try, and lets say you found the ingredients, how do you know if it is going to be authentic?

I love travel and this magazine does adds my determination to go travel.


One of, if not THE best culinary magazine in print. (The only one to surpass it is, of course, the French edition of Saveur.) It has excellent articles, reviews, and the recipes are some of the most original I've seen. I give several gift subscriptions each year...and the recipients ALL resubscribe. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

I love this mag!

One of the most mouth watering cookery magazine out there...This magazine will make you want to get out of your secluded house and taste what life has to offer. It takes you to the furthest reaches of Argentina and pulls you along a meander through a farm in Greece. Great stories, great pictures, and great recipes. There is no doubt that this is a fantastic magazine.

Excellent writing, good recipes

The articles in Saveur are informative, comprehensive, accurate, and well-written. While some of the ingredients in the recipes are hard to find even in urban areas, the recipes are always consistent and authentic (at least I know them to be authentic for the regions with which I am familiar). Highly recommended.

Saveur Magazine

This is a great foodie magazine. We think the writing is what makes it great. It is always interesting, has some recipes to try and is not the usual food mag stuff. Very enjoyable.

A "must have" magazine

My hats off to the staff at Saveur. They put out one of the best magazines on the market. Quality is to be found on every page of this product. Saveur takes the reader out of the every day normalicy found in other cooking magazines and shows the reader the other side of food. I find at least one thing to try everytime I open a new issue. The recipes are easy to follow and for the most part the ingredients are always available at my local market. Pick up an issue and you will see what I mean.

Cultural Cooking

I enjoy this magazine because of the articles about families and their traditions. Some recent offerings were an article about a family who canned tomatoes for friends and family, and a heartwarming history of Thanksgiving for a family in California who combined foods of India with traditional American foods. What other magazines would have such articles? I study the sociology of food. How what we eat affects and is affected by our environment, religion, income, etc. The articles in Saveur invite you in and then delight, exceeding your expectations.