Reviews For Reader's Digest Magazine

Readers Digest

While they've had their financial problems, they survive with pretty good content - and a lot of humorous articles. The magazine is thinner than it used to be and a lot of advertising, and they now sell 1 year as 10 issues, not 12. But, that's the economy we're in. Otherwise, a pretty fair price:value.

They will not stop calling you when your subscription ends!

First off, I agree with what others have said about too many ads. That's partly what is keeping me from renewing it.

Overall..if it weren't for the ads, I would continue to enjoy this magazine because I love the humor, easy reading stories, information, etc.

However...when my subscription ends they keep calling and calling and CALLING me about renewing. Or saying "We hope you are enjoying your subscription to Readers Digest"..(when I'm not subscribed anymore). I tell them no, I'm not going to renew..the next day I come home with three calls on my answering machine from them. This is not a one time occurrence either.

The magazine itself is good. However I think they should either lower the price or drop some of the ads.


This magazine is a compiliation of articles and stories from other magazines. They run the gamut from science, medical, adventure, business, sports, you name it. It seems to focus somewhat on the inspirational and motivational. It also has numerous features that are sure to jar the reader's funny bone and are derived from the contributions of its readers. All in all, it is a nice little package of information and features that is sure to be read from cover to cover. It is a very mainstream magazine designed to have broad appeal and, consequently, is not intellectually demanding of its reader.


readers digest has changed alot and not for the good ..too much advertising and less stories and they use to have more joke pages

Lots of ads, then they spam you

RD does have some interesting consumer & finance articles, but it has waa-a-a-y too many ads. I would never actually pay for it, but I do get a subscription as a gift every year. I end up ripping half the magazine's weight out in ads - and no, that's not "just life" as some other reviewer said, it's downright shameful.

Also, make sure you get on the RD website and change your privacy preferences; like other second-rate companies who like to abuse customers, they implicitly assume you want to be spammed by them and have them rent your information out to third parties.

Not fun to read, too many ads!

I am not enjoying my subscription to this magazine. There are so many advertisements you can hardly open the magazine without opening ad's, it is actually difficult to open the stories. It is really distracting and makes for a most unpleasant reading experience.
The stories are okay, and there is a little bit of good humor but the design detracts from these points. I am really disappointed. There are better magazines if you want to read, this one is good if you like lots of special paper stuffed in, advertising medications!

Never again

I've always loved this magazine, but I completely agree with the other reviewers... not ONLY are there entirely too many ads, but they make a FORTUNE selling your information. I was completely shocked at the amount of junk mail that started POURING in after I first subscribed to Reader's Digest. They should be ashamed of themselves. I do enjoy reading it, but refuse to renew out of principle.

Not happy with new format

I much prefer the old style format, where a selectiom of topical articles from other magazines and a few original features was offered. I find the new format, where small bites of information are thrown together with no real substance to fill them out to make a satisfying read. This new format is like a poor grade of hamburger, when you are used to a fine steak. I am sorry I subscribed, and you can bet I won't renew.