Reviews For Reader's Digest Magazine

A Lifetime Favorite

I've been reading Reader's Digest since I was a little kid; my Grandmother subsribed her whole life, and now so do I. I love this magazine for so many reasons. The articles based on real people with real stories, the humor from so many walks of life, the quotables and the words. I laugh, cry and think when I read this magazine, something I cannot say for any other magazine out there. This is one of few magazines these days that contain real substance.

Readers Digest subscription

I am very happy with my Readers Digest Subscription. This is a great magazine with lots of interesting articles, and it did not take very long for it to get started.

Something for Everyone

I'm 25 and I've been reading Reader's Digest for years. I remember moving into a new house and finding a stash of old Large Print Reader's Digests in the garage and I spent days poring over them.

I agree that there is an overabundance of ads these days...some months it really seems like there's nothing left after pulling out the cards. With all that advertising, you'd think they could lower the price a bit. I usually pay less than 1/3 of the cover price, but even so, it seems like I should be getting more book and less bulk.

My boyfriend and I enjoy sharing the jokes and stories and I'm always excited to see it in the mailbox.

Enjoyable Magazine.

I have subscribed to Reader's Digest for over 7 years and I still enjoy it. There are a lot of adds that I take out before I start reading but that's life. The stories and jokes are still good as ever. Go on give it a try and ignore the adds like I do.

Great magazine!

I ordered this for my mom for her birthday because we both love reading it. It was very affordable for the two years that I bought it for. Interesting and inspiring stories and you do not have to leave your house to go buy it if you buy the subscription!

Best magazine to date

I have a hard time enjoying reading since I just get bored of it. But for the Reader's Digest, I enjoy reading. It makes me want to read.


My father always kept his subscription for Readers Digest and it is one of the first magazines I ever read. I love the variety of this mag. There is a little something for everyone.

Reader's Digest

Reader's Digest is a good, quick read for people on the go. The size of the magazine enables one to put it in a purse or carry on. When concentration is sparce, the magazine fulfils it's purpose.

Going Green April 2009

I don't agree with some of your advice in this article.Turn off incandescents if you leave the room for more thanfive seconds. We have four lights that stay on all the time in the basement and the total wattage is 64 watts. There arethree low energy bulbs and one 25 watt strip light.Your opinion about leaving the car idle: Turn it on and go.In South Dakota when it gets down to -30 we run our cars atleast 30 minutes to warm them up. I am not about to get ina cold car. Our cars have starter remotes to make it easier.

Readers Digest

Readers Digest offers a little bit of everything for its readers. They have stories that are thrilling, tips on how to go through everyday life (ex- how to sleep better), health tips, an advice collumn, and of course, the jokes. It is a decent magazine that holds ones attention and entertains. The one critisicm I have of this magazine is the ads. There are so many that I have to go through when I get each issue and take all of them out.