Reviews For Psychology Today Magazine

Delivery begins?

I have yet to begin receiving this magazines issues-I ordered this approximately 8-10 weeks ago.

Lots of Flash, Little Substance

Psychology Today purports to deliver the latest trends in psychological studies to the layman, but what it really delivers is pop psychology and a whole lot of advertisements. I give the magazine one star for a very snazzy layout, and a second star for hiring writers that don't insult the reader's intelligence by abusing alliteration (unlike another magazine supposedly aimed at intelligent adults). However, the content is consistently concerned more with pop culture than with the lives of real people. I have also noticed a bias against introverts in article after article that attacks shyness as a serious character defect, rather than simply a personality trait (so, introverts, if you want to avoid yet another lecture on how your way of relating to the world is intrinsically wrong, avoid this rag).

For women only!

When I started my subscription with Psychology Today it contained sound, scientific facts, studies, advice etc. It has since become a women's intrest magazine with advive based on unscientific, anecdotal evidence and a lot of articles on "spirituality". Women may like the new focus of the magazine but if you are looking sound information on Psychology you will not find it in Psychology Today.

Not a Journal

I would have to agree with the preivous comments that state that this magazine isn't worthy of its title. I subscribed before reading review, I was hoping to find an affordable psychology-based read, though some stories are interesting I'm sure I'd be able to find them in other magazines like Vogue or Cosmo. and there is plenty of ads, probably more than stories. And much like other reviewers When I first ordered it, it took forever for the first issue to arrive, now its more regular but my subscription will soon end with no renewal of course!

Lots of fluff

If you enjoy magazines like People, that offer you a glimpse of the latest gossip or the newest thingamajig, then click the order button for Psychology Today.

As someone who was taking Psych courses as an undergraduate I bought a three-year subscription to PT. As I continued my studies, I began to just toss the magazine away as it would arrive. There is no real substance here that peaked my interest.

The magazine offers great topics but just didn't seem to follow through. Most of the time I was able to guess what the overall article would be like after reading the title. New information was rarely offered that wasn't 'common knowledge'.

pop psychology run amuck

This magazine gives the study of psychology a bad rap. The articles are usually ungrounded in any serious research rather it is on the level of Cosmo meets new age spirituality. Read Redbook & People magazine for the same info and they have better pictures and gossip.

Chock full of ads and useless info:

This magazine certainly excells in making big money on its advertisements. Inbetween those are some cute type articles that have near zero value to anyone versed in psychology, or even those who aren't. Rather than printing, "Why cant I get a date?" or "Why my husband is a lazy bum" articles, they should try printing something of use, something that could actually prove useful to people interetsed in psychology.

Pop psych magazine

Psychology Today is just another Glamour/Cosmo/People disguised as a magazine discussing issues in psychology. This magazine used to be well-written and had more scientific data. However, since the appointment of the new editor, headlines became similar to that of tabloid magazines all over. If you are interested in scientific data and research, this is NOT the magazine for you. I used to subscibe to Psychology Today but stopped renewing since I took more psychology classes becuase I found out that the magazine had no new insights to offer in the field of psychology at all.

Caused a patient to walk out.

The latest Pshycology Today had to be trashed. The clinic treats abused women and incest and rape victims....LUST didn't go over well.