Reviews For Psychology Today Magazine

Great Magazine

If you're looking for something deeper then go out and buy a text book. This is a MAGAZINE. It is meant to have many articles on many subjects, so it can't get too deeply into a single subject. It doesn't have the space. Honestly, I can't understand people who expect much depth from so few pages. Where is the logic??? Anyway, the magazine is great. If you're a naturally deep, intuitive type of person then you can use the interesting articles to make your own connections and go a lot deeper.

For women only? Not the last time I checked! ;)

Aaron L. Knoll want to you belive that PT is for women only. Not true. There are actually men out here that also are interested in spirituality, that doesn't think that we need science to tell us that the sun will rise tomorrow, that enjoys a suitable mix of hardcore, new scientific facts and articles with a less scientific slant.
Psychology Today is a great magazine. Even my mother, a clinical psychologist, agrees - a woman who isn't too interested in spirituality but quite enjoys provocative views and sharp comments.

I Like It

The articles are fun & I've learned alot of useful information, like last month's article on depression - the fish oil & exercise worked almost immediately. It's not a professional or academic journal - if you're a general person on the street, you will learn a lot about psychology.

Entertaining and Informative

It's entertaining but also informative. It's definitely NOT an academic journal but I think it appeals to the pseudo-psychologist in all of us.

My best friends (one with a degree in Psychology) and I are always discussing the interesting tid-bits we read. I think this magazine would appeal to people similar to us: brainy, inquisitive, open-minded and fed up with the other glossies marketed to brainless twenty something females.

We also enjoy Bust, Seed, and Discover.

These magazines are by far more substantial than most of the birdcage liner being marketed today. To be certain though, the objective is to entertain and enlighten but it's definitely aimed at the laymen.

If you interested in what makes people tick, this is the mag for you

This has been one of my favorite magazines for years because it explains why we or others act the way we do. It's not a technical magazine for therapists and psychologists; it's for regular people who are interested in our culture and ourselves. Has it changed my life? Not really. But it has made me more accepting of others and I think it has also given me a lot of "conversation" topics - as in "I read in Psychology Today that ---" which gives whatever thought I have some credibility. I immediately start reading this magazine when it shows up in the mail and I pass it on to frieds. It never ends up in the recycle bin at my house.

Psychology Today...

I just got my first issue of this magazine, and I am really pleased with it. It's got quite a few good articles, and small notes that get you thinking. I would recommend it.


As a psychology major, reading Psychology Today has been beneficial in many ways. The articles are interesting and well written so that everyone who reads them can understand. There may be more articles on spirtuality but they are educating the public on the many mental and physical benefits that people today are experiencing with spirtuality as a form of self-therapy. Psychology Today is not just another woman's magazine based on half-truths, it has real scientific research and information that is there to enlighten and educate people about psychology and how it plays into everyday life.

Great Magazine

This is a great magazine. Fun and interesting. It's a magazine, not a text book. If you want to read a text book, then go buy one and read it. Do you negatively rate a knife because it doesn't work well as a spoon? It's a great casual read when your relaxing, for people interested in the subject.

Fun, Valuable, Interresting but not an APA Journal

If you are looking for the quality of an APA journal, this is not one. But if you love the field of psychology as I do, it's a fun and relevant periodical. Kind of a Enquirer of Psychology. I find it a fun read when I'm relaxing, but be careful of their interpretation of research. You know how that can go. It's also got a flavor of Maxim or Cosmo type topics. Sex, relationships, dating, what do men/women like as well as diet/nutrition. Overall recommended.

Easy reading for those interested in psychology

I'm not a psychology student, and at this time, I don't plan on becoming one. For now, I'm a 25-year-old with a history of depression and OCD and I consider myself a bit of an autodidact. I have taken a few psychology classes in the past and I've also been known to read psych textbooks for "fun".

Psychology Today is certainly not a textbook and it's definitely made to appeal to Average Joe, which I think it does wonderfully. The articles are informative and interesting, but not too in depth. For me, it's a good way to find out about new ideas and then go and look up more information if I so desire.

If you're looking for a textbook, visit your local collegiate bookstore. If you're looking for an easy-reading source for good information to serve as a stepping stone to further studies, Psychology Today is a great place to start.