Reviews For Popular Photography Magazine

one of the staples of photography

Popular Photography seems to be one of the magazines that all photographers subscribe to (the only one I've found more professionals subscribe to is Shutterbug). The magazine is full of product reviews and technical articles, and there is a column on just about every area of photography. One major fault of the magazine is that about a third to half the magazine is advertising and mail order shops. It's good to know where to go if you want to purchase a new camera, but it can be a bit much. The other fault is that there are no articles covering the artists or any nontechnical issues. This magazine has a lot of potential to be useful to the photographer, but you often times find it falling a bit short.

Good photo magazine for product reviews

Popular Photography & Imaging has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the best photography magazines available, yet it's not nearly as well-written or informative as it was prior to its merging with Modern Photography (If you are interested in checking this out, compare a current issue with one written back in the 1970's for example.). It remains useful for its product reviews, but these - especially of lenses - tend to be rather subjective, and not nearly as critical as a potential user might wish for. And worse yet for an avid amateur or professional photographer, the articles tend to be aimed towards novices, or at least are written as though they would be understood best only by novices. The only redeeming features are Herb Keppler's thoughtful insights on photography and occasional articles which are well written and edited. Otherwise, I would recommend taking a look at other photography magazines, most notably Shutterbug, which I have found to be more useful.

Great Magazine for new and old alike

Popular Photography Magazine was purchased for a teen who is taking Photography in High School.
She enjoyed the photos and tips and then was able to use the magazine for a class project. She this magazine served many uses. It is full of amazing photos by professional photographers and is inspiring to up and coming photographers in the field. This magazine is great for anyone who has even a passing interest in photography.

Good Reviews, "How To", and Articles - Recommended

"Popular Photography & Imaging" is the photography magazine I most often sit down and read. It is geared to photographers of all levels and generally has more than one or two interesting bits in it for me.

First off, it does have a lot advertisements! I mean LOTS! That being said, I just ignore them unless I'm in the market for products.

The magazine also has good Reviews, a wide range of "How To" features, and well written articles. I find the "Buying Guides" to be very helpful when looking for new gear.

Well worth the subscription price - Recommended!

Great Learning Magazine

I am very satisfied with Popular Photography. I am an advanced amateur having owneda Minolta Maxxum 7000i. The magazin gives great tips on shooting as well as info on new products. I subscribed as a result of several magazines that I bought in stores.

great mag for the price

Keep updated on the latest camera news for a very fair price. Without the instant renewals.

Interesting Read

This magazine has a lot of interesting information. I am a beginner so I don't understand everything just yet. Hopefully I will catch on soon and be able to comprehend it all.

Very Helpful for the Amateur Photographer!

I really appreciate this magazine. I have been a subscriber to Pop Photo for many years and have always enjoyed the tips and tricks for both film and digital photography.

The September 2010 issue gets more into Photoshop, how to shoot children photography, and some great new lenses. I can use the Waterfall How-To step by step article as I've always wanted to make those smooth-looking waterfalls. Golden Gate Park is full of them!

Do try this magazine out. The only bad point for me are the large number of advertisements get to be a bit much.

There is also an associated website where they archive their articles at popphoto (dot) com!

Excellent Reviews, Geared for Beginners & Budding Amateurs

The best maaginze, period, for equipment reviews. Quantitative, measured, consistent. The content is definitely geared towards beginners and budding amateurs, and year-over-year can become somewhat repetitive. It is not as engaging for experienced amateurs or professionals, but any magazine that is not a niche magazine for any industry or hobby shouldn't be fully engaging to a seasoned amateur or professional. If for nothing else, than we've already read a number of books that dive far deeper into numerous techniques and learning than any magazine could ever do in a two-page article.

For what it is -- a magazine catered towards beginners and solid reviews of the latest equipment coming out -- they do a very good job.

good magazine, a little late with reviews

A good magazine with good mix of articles, how tos and ads. The only problem is that they are a little slow with review of new products