Reviews For Popular Photography Magazine

Excellent tutorials and photography news

Popular Photography is probably one of the best photography magazines available. It offers excellent tutorials, cutting edge techniques, and is a great resource for finding out what's new in the world of photography. I highly recommend this publication to anyone involved with photography, regardless of skill level.


I got 3 different subscriptions to various digital photo magazines as I wanted to research DSLRs before I made the plunge and bought one. Of the 3, this one is my favorite for gear-related articles, how-to's, and reviews.

Great photography magazine

I have been reading and using this magazine for about 45 years. Its great and upto speed.

Excellent magazine for every level of photographer

Wow. I subscribed to this one and Shutterbug. This one is packed full of tips, techniques and ideas that even a beginner can use. So far I like it a bit better than Shutterbug. But together they make a great arsenal for learning digital photography. I look forward to more issues of PopPhoto.

Great Magazine

This is a great magazine for beginners. Lots of great tips every month.

to begin and continue with

i heard of this magazine even before i came to this country and it never disappointed me ever since i subscribed it. i valued it most among other photography magazines i subscribed to. the reason is that i find this magazine have "real stuff". for equipment, it has a detailed and objective test. the articles are not just obscure evaluation u find elsewhere, for instance, it once said:"...based on our field and lab test, this amateur lens gives a better performance than its professional counterpart...", whereas in other magazines, what u find probably is "this lens is good, and that one is nice...". for photo tips, it is more insightful than just "sunny 16" or "always use a tripod". u can find the photographer's own consideration as to why put the composition this way but not that. in all, i think this magazine is for anyone who is interested in photography to begin and continue with

Excellent content on techniques and gear

I love the equipment reviews along with photo articles. This magazine would be useful for photographers at any level, mainly because of the new equipment and film reviews, but also for lessons and refreshers in technique.

Popular Photography Mag

I really enjoy this magazine. There are great articles and helpful ads. Can't wait for the next issue.

Best Photography Magazine

This is a thorough and very professional magazine for pros as well as beginners. If you use a digital camera...then this
magazine will be to difficult to comprehend. 35mm is the choice
for pros and those who demand quality. Read it, learn it you'll
be amazed at just how great your photos can be even with the simplest point and shoot!

Nice magazine for the price, but skin-deep reviews and weeks behind on the latest news

The Good
* This is a nice magazine for the price.
* It has some informative articles, which maybe useful to newcomers to photography in general or the digital aspects of photography.
* If you are getting started in photography, or you are at a beginner/amateur level, this magazine can be very helpful as a stepping stone
* If you are an experienced amateur/pro, you can still like this magazine, but don't expect many in-depth/advanced topics.
* The Monthly Lens reviews are helpful to SLR/DSLR users
* For people who like to flip through magazines and even look at ads from different vendors, this is a good resource.

The Not so good
* The technical reviews of digital cameras are skin-deep compared to the in-depth technical reviews by the online photography sites (such as dpreview).
* Sometimes the reviews are word-smithed in such a way that they avoid saying negative things, so -at times- you have to pick-up on what is not said in the review in order to figure out if there's something wrong with a product.
* The "News" are 4-12 weeks behind real time.
* If you expect in-depth or pro-level articles, those are rare.

Consumer beware segment
Towards the back of the magazine there are plenty of ads from various mail-order vendors. Some of them are very reputable, honorable and reliable vendors such as B&H and J&R.

However, some other vendors are less than stellar - to put it in mildly. You will recognize them by the too-good-to-be-true super-low prices, and they usually practice "bait & switch" among other things. These have been documented on various websites and photography forums. If you are not familiar with all these, and you see prices that are very low, you may want to do some research before purchasing.