Reviews For Popular Mechanics Magazine

Excellent deal for an extremely interesting magazine!

Wait around for a 2-year special deal on these magazines! I've been reading this mag in the library ever since I was a little kid, and now I'm actually subscribed to it for a small fraction of its retail price...very nice! Popular Mechanics is very similar to Popular Science; however, I'd choose PM over PS if I had the choice between the two.

Excellent Mag, especially for innovative or DIY men

If you are guy who likes technology, tools, adventuring or building stuff, then you should definitely subscribe to Popular Mechanics. It will definitely entertain, inform and inspire some DIY!

Awesome Mag

I was pleasantly surprised by the mag. It covers so many topics per issue, and each article keeps me enticed to keep on reading. Will definitely renew my subscription.

Great Gift!!

This magazine was a gift to a family member, who isn't free for the moment, but
thankfully soon will be. This was a great gift because, he loves this sort of magazine, because he is in to mechanics. This book also gives him hope of all the things that he has sadly missed for the last few years and soon will be able to do again.

Popular Mechanics mAG

I have always enjoyed this magazine and when I saw the price, I jumped on the opportunity. Thank you so much!

Forgot how good it was!

Had not picked up an read a copy in years. Now I am older, and have more time. What a fantastic way to learn more!

Great Magazine

I've subscribed to Popular Mechanics for over thirty years. The price of this mag was great.

Popular Mechanics subscription

I gave this subscription to Popular Mechanics as a gift. The recipient got it promptly and is enjoying it a lot.

Popular Mechanics

I love Popular Mechanics. This was a great deal - I used it to extend my current subscription. The magazine just keeps getting better. In the past couple of years they have added more types of stories, and have greatly improved the graphics.

inspire kids to read more

Although my son is only eleven, he loves the magazine. He is learning, even if he can't understand everything. We read parts to him, also.