Reviews For Popular Mechanics Magazine

The Jack-of-All-Trades Magazine

Popular Mechanics is a Jack-of-All-Trades Magazine. I have been an avid reader since high school picking up every other issue or so at local newsstands. I only recently finally got smart and picked up a subscription. For the price you can't go wrong. PM is filled with informative articles on everything ranging from new technology, world events, woodworking tips, car care, automotive design, and computers. PM does not delve to deep into any particular subject, rather it gives you a broad view of all of them.

In each issue your likely to find tips on how to change and fix a flat tire on your car, plans on how to build wood furniture, reviews on new cars, and reports on upcoming technology. The articles are always interesting and provide enough information to let you do a little more digging if the subject matter sparks your interest. Jay Leno even writes an automotive section that is always enjoyable to read.

The product reviews are informative and have helped me with numerous purchases ranging from new cars, snow blowers, power tools, dirt bikes and the like. I would recommend this magazine to anyone interested in any of the mentioned subjects but can't afford 40 different subscriptions to cover them all.

Chock-Full of Information

I took a chance on this magazine approximately 1yr. ago and I am not sorry I did. It has a wealth of information covering almost anything mechanical and electrical. The how-to section is always informative and helpful, as well as, educational. I will continue this subscription indefinately.



I've been reading PM for over 55 years ... and it's still an excellent read!

When I was a little guy my bedtime reading included Winny the Pooh, The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Brave New World, and four "How-To" magazines including Popular Mechanics. Three of the magazines changed direction (and/or failed) over the years, but Popular Mechanics stayed true to its Do-It-Yourself-type readers and is still worth reading cover-to-cover.
No I'm not interested in selling my Popular Mechanics collection; I'm still using them.

Great Magazine

This magazine is great for people interested in new and upcoming technology and tech ideas. It is also great for people who are interested in do-it-yourself type projects

Popular Mechanics - Great magazine!!!

I remember my uncle used to have these at his home in the 60s. I thought they were great then. The magazine has changed it's focus a bit but I LOVE IT. Great magazine. I notice my 23 year old son really enjoys reading them too. Highly recommend for nerdy, geeky, super cool people with varied interests. ;-)

Popular Mech. review

As a kid I loved reading this magazine,it was fascinating and wonderous to see new inventions,auto mechanics know how and possibly soon to be released new products. It fired up my imagination in studying to become a mechanical engineer. Today I love it just as I did years ago as a kid.
I would highly recommend it to anyone with a love of wanting to know how things work and like repairing things themselves.

Ordered as gift, but enjoying it myself

I ordered this magazine as a gift for my husband for Christmas last year. He's interested in the kinds of articles that Popular Mechanics and Popular Science writes, so I thought it would be nice for him to have something to read over breakfast or (God forbid!) on the toilet. :)

I ignored the first issue that came. But the second issue that came was just sitting on the counter, begging to be read. I picked it up and started reading and found that the magazine had a lot to offer, not just for mechanical geeks like my husband, but technology geeks like myself. I found that the articles were not just geared towards men - which is sometimes difficult to find in magazines like these - and that the articles weren't written in techno-babble so they were easy to understand.

I just ordered 2 more years of the subscription, we've liked it so much! Now we have to fight over who gets to read the magazine first!

still awesome

Popular Mechanics remains as unique and creative a magazine as it was 3 decades ago when I was reading it as a kid. The new tech info and gear is awesome. I love the projects but have little time to complete them. I think the magazine provides wonderful entertainment value and I appreciate the hard work of the writers and editors.

Kenneth Haft

GLen Allen


While many magazines today are full of gimicky tricks of the trade, PM does away with much of that. The mag is filled with great DIY and many fascinating articles. Sometimes the ads don't even seem to be ads, but part of the mag itself. It has great monthly selections and the readers won't be able to put this one down until they finish the whole thing.

Great magazine

I love PM. It has a wide variety of topics in every issue, each of which are relevant and interesting.