Reviews For Parenting Early Years Magazine

A pretty good mag

As a mom with only one kid (who is about a year old), I definitely like the Early Years version of Parenting better than the regular Parenting magazine. To be honest, I'm not really a fan of Parenting because, well, I guess it's just not "me." Sometimes reading those articles, I would just feel overwhelmed, like having moms who give you their advice about everything without you asking. It was especially not helpful when I was still pregnant and more easily overwhelmed anyway. :)

But, the things that I do like about Parenting mag (the tidbits about kids at specific ages) are what makes the Early Years edition valuable to me: it focuses on babies and young children.

So, if you like Parenting magazine (basically a women's mag for the 24/7 mom's point of view, complete with playgroup mentality), the Early Years version is a step up if you want to focus on that age group. I have enjoyed the issues, don't get me wrong. I just don't love them.

made for moms

Plenty of good, generally well researched advice, especially on discipline, tantrums, nutrition, and healthy habits for moms and babies. The trouble is, it's stuck in the same mommy-centric dad-is-an-idiot rut as the rest of the popular early childhood genre. So guys, there's plenty of good practical advice here, but attention to father-child relationships is minimal at best, and if you've read any other parenting magazines or books, you're already prepared for the condescension. It's still probably worth the price of a year's subscription, though.

I hope the issue with all the expired stuff doesn't count

I just got my first issue in mid-March. It's teh Feb issue with contests and stuff that expire in January. Plus what does make-up have to do with Parenting?

It was free

I wouldn't have paid for it. It's fun for flipping through to see new toys, maybe an idea or two... it is what it is.

Old issues sent!

I have gotten two issues so far and they both are old issues! I got December/January at the end of February and February's at the end of March. Looks like all the newstands get the new ones and we get what they don't sell. No thank you!

Aka Mothering Magazine

I decided to try out this magazine and see how it is since I'm expecting. Upon reading it though I found that most of the articles involve stay-at-home moms, mothers, and women in general. In the three issues I have gotten I have not seen one article about stay-at-home fathers, fathers or men in general. For me this is unacceptable since it is my husband who is going to be the stay-at-home parent so most of the articles were usless for us.
For example this month had articles about:
Working in working out "How moms like you tackle the exercise obsticles"
Your Toys Beauty (info about hair coloring and eyebrows)
Bring Sexy Back "Having kids can wreak havoc on mom's mojo faster than grape juice can stain a white carpet"
Mother'hood (their feedback section)
Their Talk "We asked, kids answered: When did mom make you mad"

There are some interesting ideas in the articles invovling children. Especially the food ideas.

The articles are too focused on women often ignoring the point of view of the man altogether.

It's January and I received the November issue!

So... not only is all the info old news, but the coupons are all expired! I got a 2 month old Magazine...hope next months isn't Decembers issue since it will be February. Don't really feel like reading about Holiday toys when I should be reading about Valentines day stuff. Lame!

Late issues full of ads

I have had many problems with this magazine (and shipping company). I had paid for a two year subscription but the with in the first 6 months I missed two issues, when I complained the company I was told those issues were out of stock and I would get 2 months added onto my subscription. The other 4 months were late....and I don't mean a few days late, I mean months late. It was like they didn't have anything to send me so they would send the July issue in September! What a joke. Dealing with the company is even worse, but I did finally manage to get a full refund. As for the magazine itself save your money. It's nothing but ads. None of the articles are written from a serious stand-point and many articles are about clothing style, make-up and hair products for mothers. If I wanted to read about that I would by Lucky, Style, or Cosmo!

Sending Old Issues!

I just got my 1st issue of Parenting Early Years. It is January 2010 and my 1st issue is from last November. Already there are expired coupons in it!!! Obviously I don't want/need advice on preparing for the holidays at this point either, but I am sure helpful hints will be included in my next issue-December 2009! Oh, but on the bright side there are 4 different sweepstakes in this issue I have that I can enter and win really cool stuff-oh no the deadlines for entering them have all passed too!
Can you figure out that I am very disappointed with my subscription so far!!! This magazine sends out old outdated copies and wants them to count towards your subscription. I guess that's how they think they can make their subscribers happy and interested in recommending their magazine to others.

Happened to me too!

I actually love the magazine so the one star is only for the company who ships it out! Like some other reviewers I got my first issue in late April of 2010 and it was the March issue. If you know anything about this magazine you know that the March issue actually comes out in February and all thats in it has early March in mind - sweepstakes, dates, shows etc.
So I feel like the others: they dump their leftover old issues on you and it counts towards your one-year subscription. Shame on you Bonnier corp.