Reviews For Parenting Early Years Magazine

Realistic articles for the younger child in your home

A great magazine for newborn thru toddler ages. Helpful hints & realistic day to day ideas; unlike "Parents" articles which I find over the top and scary at times! This magazine combines no nonsense articles with well written guides and fun things to read. Parenting supports parents decisions and gives you ways to overcome tough situations that WE ALL go through with our kids!

great magazine

I have had a subscription for this magazine before and I have enjoyed reading it, it has great tips on all different subjects parents deal with in raising their children. It was a free gift subscription for a year and couldn't pass it up, Great buy

Gift for a friend...based on my experience

This magazine is great! It offers so much information that is useful for people who know a lot about children and for those that don't know much. I would recommend this for any new (or old) parent!!

Love it!

Look foward to this every month. There's always helpful tips and toddler-friendly healthy recipes. There's also usually a toddler activity too! This month we got to do a picture search for a Christmas tree and other winter-time objects. Great magazine, and a great price too!

Great magazine for first time parents!

I first got this magazine when my daughter was born and now I'm renewing my subscription. It is full of helpful tips and information as well as recommended toys, books, dvd, and food. I also enjoy and have prepared some of the recipes included in the magazine. As far as the ads go I find them useful and appropriate for the magazine as they are all children related. I love this magazine, it's simple and straight to the point and would truly recommend it.

Perfect Magazine for moms of young kids!

I have been getting this magazine for about 2 years now and I love it. I think the topics covered inside are always interesting and informative. I also enjoy the fact that they tend to have coupons for stores such as Gymboree and The Children's Place inside! I enjoy getting this magazine every month!

Great magazine

I love this magazine. It is my favorite parenting magazine. It's packed with great advice, beneficial development info, and fun stuff for mom!

Great magazine

This is a really great magazine for parents of young children. Lots of fun and informative info.

Parenting Magazine

Although this magazine subscription was a gift to my daughter in law, I'm sure this new generation will enjoy Parenting as much as we did. Excellent price too!


I really enjoy getting this magazine. It has great advice, ideas, and products for a parent of 2 young boys.