Reviews For Outdoor Photographer Magazine

Absolutely the best photography magazine!

I look forward to this magazine coming to my postbox! I read it from cover to cover and have them indexed in my photo library. There is so much great information every month. It is absolutely, to me, the best photo magazine out there! It has everything from technical to artistic!

Great Magazine

Every month's magazine is better and better. Well written reviews, great lessons learned, and fantastic pictures. Much better than other photography mags that I've looked at.

Excellent magazine for articles!

This magazine has helped to bump up my skill level more than any other. I use a Nikon D90 and like to photograph birds and bugs, and every outdoor shoot is better than the last since I started experimenting with the suggestions in Outdoor Photography. If you are reasonably competent with the basics of your camera's manual settings, and photography is your passion, this magazine has a lot to offer. I have already renewed my subscription.

5 stars, and more

I love this magazine, everything from the helpful articles to the outstanding photography. There are always many useful items being reviewed which is very useful. I will be renewing this subscription for many years to come.

outdoor photos

I'm glad I ordered the magazine,I think I'm going to learn alot from it. The best kind of pictures I like to take are ones outside. Thanks.

Required reading where I come from.

To me this magazine is one of those things in life we call necessary.
Of course I subcribe!
Of course it arrives... month after month.. and always has since the first issue.
Outdoor photographer publishes the work, advice and exploits of some of the most experienced photographers of our generation.
Not all of the top outdoor photographers author a column but even so you feel the high standards of the magazine reflect those out in the field as well.
To be honest I didn't realize getting this magazine was a choice.
It's just automatic for me!
Good luck!

OP (Outdoor Photographer)

This magazine offers a complete guide to shooting anything that takes me outdoors.

I Hope My Pictures Turn Out This Good

As a writer, I felt it was only natural to expand into photography too. Stories that have pictures accompanying them "usually" have a better chance of selling. I've tried a few other publications, but so far, this is my favorite.

Unlike some other magazines that focus on telling you all about the latest gadgets, Outdoor Photographer devotes much less space to equipment. Beyond the requisite ads, there are only three to four short articles on equipment. I really appreciate this because I already have equipment and won't be buying more just because there's something out there with more features. I would also venture to say that most people who pick up a magazine like this have their gear and now want to work on technique. Really the only equipment-type articles I am interested in are those dealing with digital cameras, and Outdoor Photographer occasionally discusses them.

This magazine generally has several articles on improving technique. For example, the February 2000 issue features an article on shooting pictures of and in snow. As we all know, this can be challenging because of the brightness of snow and its tendency to wash out your pictures if shooting in sunlight.

I also like the features that deal with great places to shoot pictures and what you can expect to find there. The February issue has places to photograph eagles for example and tips for getting good shots. As you might expect, the photographs illustrating the stories are superb. This alone is enough for me to buy the magazine, since it is, in part, a substitute travel magazine for me.

Some regular features include a list of scheduled photo workshops, favorite places, and cover shot. Someone else suggested this was a magazine for beginners and that might be true. But it never hurts to brush up the basics and enjoy some great photographs while you're at it.


Good Magazine for an Outdoor Photographer

I prefer taking outdoor photographs, and this magazine provides good tips and hints to help. The pictures in it provide a lot of inspiration as well. There are regular articles by famous and expert photographers giving their tips and explaining their style, what they look for and the gear they use. I'm not really a magazine reader (this is the only one I've ever subscribed to in my whole life) but I really like this one, and hope that it helps me become a better photographer.

More about the outdoors than photography.

Lots of great photos, not so much about how to find/shoot/process/keep them.

The emphasis is on the outdoors and wonderful photography thereof rather than technique and gear. Given that, it's a fine magazine.