Reviews For Outdoor Photographer Magazine

Very unbalanced coverage!

If you want a generalized photography magazine that covers protraiture, product, glamour, or wedding/events photo the cover before you buy this magazine. If you want a fine instructional magazine devoted to outdoor and travel photography, there may not be a better one in print. Filled with beautiful photos that, more often than not, have details about equipment/settings used to make them and where they were taken. I've been a subscriber for years and will continue.

THE magazine for Outdoor shooting!

Outdoor Photographer Magazine is my favorite photo magazine. Period. Excellent images with insightful instruction on both shooting and post processing. Predominently a digital venue it covers the newest post processing softwares and techniques designed to make you a better photographer as well as the newest equipment for the outdoor shooter. I read every issue cover to cover without being burdened by excessive advertising. Last but not least is the great information on when and where to get those images we all desire in our portfolio.

excellent mag

I've been a subcriber to this magazine for over 2 years a look forward to it every month. It's packed with new techniques, great new gear (even comparisons btwn expensive pro gear and cheaper alternatives for wannabe pros/hobbyists). great pictures, great articles, and it motivates me every month to seek out new places to photograph!

Favorite Photography Magazine

Over the years, I have subscribed to several different magazines relating to photography but Outdoor Photographer is my favorite. If you are interested in nature and wildlife photography, this is the magazine for you. It contains articles written by photographers who list tips and certain techniques. Attractive photos and stories about the photos are included. While there are some advertisements of camera equipment these are far less than in other photography magazines. The subcription price is a real bargain.

Outdoor photographer's essential resource

If you have never read an 'Outdoor Photographer' issue, I strongly suggest picking one up at the newsstand!

This magazine is loaded with tips, tricks, gadgets and equipment reviews. I look forward to each new issue. I have yet to be disappointed with the information provided in any issue.

Outdoor Photographer

This is a great magazine that does equipment reviews and fantastic photography reviews. I have always liked the photography reviews because they provide so much information on how an image was captured.

Look forward to it's arrival...........

Gave this to my husband as a gift 2 years ago. A very difficult guy to buy for as he buys the photographic equipment he needs and wants. He has never been disappointed in this magazine. And it has given us some great vacation ideas. I highly recommend it!

Outdoor Photography

This is the best photo magazine in my opinion. You don't have to wade thru lots of ads to get to articles by knowledgeable photographers. I've read it for years and have been giving subscriptions to friends and family.

About the best photography magazine out there

If you want to learn or just expand your vision, this is a great magazine. I've subscribed for many, many years.

Excellent Magazine for Outdoor Photographers

This is an excellent magazine for three reasons: 1)the beauty of the outdoor pictures; 2)the rationale and technique described in achieving the shots; 3)fewer ads cluttering the pages as compared to most Photography magazines. I look forward to each copy.