Reviews For Nylon Magazine

Conde' Nast meets its match.

I was absolutely blown away by NYLON when I first heard of it. It was it's graphics, images and avant garde approach of featuring washed out, flesh faced and clean pictures in a Juergen Teller-esque way through Matt Irwin, one of their main photographers who either has started this trend or has just been given credit for it.

I have complaints in the uninteresting people they sometimes choose, and when they are interesting, the spreads lack in delivery. Mary Kate Olsens spread should have been different than how haggard, unkempt and unprim Cory Kennedy, Sienna Miller or Taylor Warren overexposed in their issues. Yet, it was the same. I also was insulted to see Lindsay Lohan on one cover. Although Christina Ricci, Christina (Xtina) and Avril Lavigne (cringe) had beautiful spreads. Evan Rachel Woods was brilliant. This is certainly a magazine that represents our generation of Chuck Palahniuk readers, metal, glam and retro rock, bohemian threads and patterns, designs and color to make a rainbow throw up.

But the concept is brilliant and sometimes bland.
But the blandness is purely intentional to convey realism rather than socialites or photoshopped goddesses, and finally a chance to realize celebrities are humans. They are/can be boring, filthy-mouthed, vulnerble and sometimes afraid of fame.

The theme is certainly a "I don't give a f*ck" while still giving a f*ck. They don't take fashion or celebrites or any of the above too seriously which makes the images, words and designs more meaningful and free, rather than restricting it in our Conde' Nast world of Vogue and Teen Vogue which only features high-end designers, daughters of wealthy or famous people and twigs with foundation on so much, you'd swear their faces weren't real.

Bravo NYLON. Just, have more intereting people in it.

Nylon- Fun and Edgy Mag

This is a quality, varied magazine with the lastest in fashion and trends. The photography is top quality also

nylon magazine

this magazine is really good for people who have unique style and it was a little different than what i expected. that may be because it was the music issue but still im not sure if all the clothing is my style. I wish i would have known a little more about the magazine before i bought it but i still like it so its good!


After reading a few of these I realized that Nylon is just a rich hipster kid reference manual.

Never hated hipsters more

I got this free the other day and I've been having a hard time getting through it. Expensive fashion and makeup, with some articles on music that focus on the band members' preference for skinny jeans. British cosmetic brands they wish were available here? Hotels with great spas? I'm not sure who the target audience is.