Reviews For Nylon Magazine

Great Info...Wildly appealing layout.

I decided to subscribe to this mag after one of my faves, Amber Tamblyn started writing a monthly column. Offbeat and never boring, Nylon brings you all the stuff that the other "fashion" rags skip over. Written for smart, web-savvy readers who want to know more than where to buy the next up and coming handbag. With a lot of collage-type pictorials, you'll never be bored. A lot of vintage stuff as well; "background checks" are great. Many web references for you to surf to as well. Defiantely a thinking-gals guide to fashion, media and music.

The only magazine you need...

...if you are a free thinking girl who want to know about art, music and fashion.

CLothing is treated as art, unlike other mags which represent fashion as a status of wealth and accomplishment. Beautifully laid out, smart copy, and relevant info.


as a high school student aspiring to attend art school, nylon has provided me with countless sources of inspiration in their creative photography, layout, and decoration. i look forward to reading the magazine each month, and i honestly devour every last word and picture.

nylon is a creative, whimsical and fantastic magazine. i highly reccomend it to anyone interested in a fashion magazine that goes beyond a "beach read."

Newly Coverted

I just dicovered this magazine and am more then happy with. I really enjoy this magazine and the perspective they put out there. It's fun and interesting.

Totally original and unique, without pretensions

Nylon magazine is, by far, one of the best magazines out right now. Nylon reviews current fashion trends, new music, and art with a keen eye, choosing only the most interesting and of the best quality. They always have interesting interviews, mostly with up and coming actors and musicians, and their covers rarely fall subject to talentless famous faces. The design of the magazine is visually intriguing; every page draws you in with original photography and meticulous details. Nylon's writing is wonderfully ironic and fun, always remaining accessible and never coming off as pretentious like many of its peers.


I love this magazine and the fact that I could get it for so cheap was even better!

My all time favorite pop culture magazine.

I have been reading this magazine since it's first issue with Liv Tyler on the cover and Helena Christensen photography scattered throughout. This has been one of the magazines I come back to time and again for interesting view points on different things. Throughout time they have evolved into a good magazine, but lately it seems they are more mainstream than they had been; but I won't complain because it is still one of the best magazines for women I can find (without all of those silly sex tips).

My Favorite Bible

I don't know what I would do without my Nylon subscription. If you're looking for something LA-esque with the latest hairstyles, music, fashion, books, the list goes on and on and on--then this is the magazine for you. If you are anywhere from 16-30 you're likely to appreciate this magazine for all that it's worth. I've read all of them cover to cover and will continue to do so until I run out of money.

Postmodern must have...

Oh my god..if you could have one thing on a deserted island. Amazing editorials, the fashion shoots are constructed by the most amazing artists in the whole universe and the hipness oozes down my pant leg onto my limited edition Futura Nikes. Smokin' hot...deep thoughts. Killin' here for sure.
Crispy, fool, crispy.


Nylon magazine is amazing, with a creative touch no other magazine has. Based in the great NYC, this magazine oozes creative sophitcativeness, originality, and a sarcastic charm with amazing fashion, art, and espicially music. The photography is pure genius and the layout will just want you to flip through the magazine again and again.

Witty journalist contemplate to the magazine's superiority, who are honest, witty, charming and sarcastic. If you have any taste for underground culture come pick up Nylon magazine now.