Reviews For Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine

Thank you Martha! You saved the day!

Martha Stewart Weddings has given me so many great ideas! I'm incorporating numerous suggestions into my own wedding. The "Good Things" section is really helpful. Even if you don't use exactly what she says, it's a great source of inspiration. This magazine helped me pick my flowers, my favors, my centerpieces, and other little goodies that will make our wedding unique. Plus, with the stress of planning a wedding, it can help a lot to have some busy work to do with your hands just to keep your mind off of everything else! I would highly recommend this magazine to anyone who is planning a wedding or has a friend or relative planning a wedding!


Elegant wedding tips and information in Martha Stewart Weddings

Any soon-to-be or recent bride can sympathize with the mess that is my living room. My book shelf is overflowing with bridal magazines, our coffee table strewn with randomly torn out pictures of wedding cakes, flowers and Mom's dresses.

Amidst all of this wedding magazine mayhem, I have become an expert on which wedding magazines are good and which aren't.

After my first month of engagement (and buying pretty much every wedding magazine off the rack in my excitement) -- I had to become more particular about which magazines I was going to purchase going forward.

Martha Stewart Weddings is one of the magazines that has stuck around for me.

What's good about this magazine
One of the things I really appreciate about this magazine are the features they do on real weddings. Each issue, they also tend to pick a diverse group of couples and show photos and write up about their wedding.

Every wedding is different. One wedding will be a barefoot bride and groom on a beach in Maui, another wedding will be a black tie event at the Four Seasons in New York City.

With these real-life weddings, they also select things about the wedding that made it unique. In the most recent issue, they highlighted a couple who displayed a birdhouse at their wedding. Under the hole where the birds would normally fly in, they displayed a sign asking for donations for Habitat for Humanity -- something nice, unique and different.

Another wedding in Hawaii showed the bride and her bridal party rowing a crew boat over to a little island on the morning of the wedding -- to the island where the bride and groom would be taking their vows.

For table seating, one unique garden wedding had a clothes line strung, with clothes pins clipping to alphabetized place cards indicating where each guest was seated.

Also great about this magazine are the photos. I find that some of the wedding magazines have cheaper, poor quality photos -- this is not so in Martha Stewart weddings. The pictures are beautiful to look at.

Lastly, the magazine helps the bride to keep her own wedding planning organized. Several useful wedding planners and check-lists can be found throughout the pages.

What's bad about this magazine

There isn't really much in the way of complaint to say about this magazine.

Like any bridal magazine, there are a lot of advertisements. I actually appreciate ads in bridal magazines more than anywhere else, since I am actively shopping for all of these things.

So to me, this is not so bad in Martha Stewart Weddings, but I know plenty of brides that would love to find a wedding magazine that didn't have an advertisement every other page.

Other good wedding magazines
The other wedding magazines that I would recommend, of the same caliber as Martha Stewart Weddings, would be Elegant Weddings (local to Boston and Philadelphia), In Style's special wedding issues and Town and Country Weddings.


A Martha Wedding - You don't even have to be rich!!

Martha Stewart Weddings is by far one of the useful(if not the only)wedding magazines out there.

As most brides to be already know, publications for weddings is a business in itself. And a unscruplous one at that! Martha Stewarts Weddings is one of a handful of magazines that is not an huge advertisement in disguise. This magazine actually provides an abundant amount of information for helpless and educated brides alike. Not only does it provide the basics (etiquette, guest templates, etc), it also gives creative inspiration and useful tips for personalizing the event.

Unlike other bridal magazines, there are no thinly guised "hints" on purchasing products sold by sponsors. Nor is there the same old articles retitled in every issue.

Think you need a lot of money? Nope...Ive found Marthas tips to actually be cost cutters at times. Of course, it wouldn't be Martha without the suggestion of some outrageously priced solution..but its also side by side with a downright cheap and creative "good thing" to include.

Hopefully Martha is setting the trend for the rest of the industry. Until the rest follow suit, her magazine is the only one I buy!


Useful information?

I remember back when Martha Stewart first launched her wedding magazines and they were absolutely amazing. Lots of great articles and creative ideas... beautiful pictures to help you with your wedding planning.

However, I noticed that the recent issues have been completely cluttered with ads which is a real disappointment. The ratio of ads versus editorial is off-balance. You find yourself buying a magazine full of ads rather than helpful information. In the past, one of the values of buying a Martha Stewart wedding magazine versus a Bride magazine is that it wasn't cluttered, it was nicely laid out and had lots of useful information. Looks like things are changing and Martha is going for the ad dollars rather than generating useful content for readers. That would be a disappointment. Hope they will re-introduce more features and balance the ratio a little bit more.

Nevertheless, Martha Stewart magazines still makes good reading material. Would suggest picking up her Martha Stewart wedding book. Probably a better one-off investment since a lot of things in the magazines repeats what's in the book anyway. The book is beautiful. Lots of wonderful information and great pictures.

I do love the In Style Wedding magazines. Definitely inspirational and gives you insights on how real-life weddings are put together. Lots of useful and creative information.


Great Magazine!

I"m getting married in September and since getting engaged in November, I have probably purchased 10 bridal magazines. I was so excited to be getting married and I want to have just the "perfect" day (what bride doesn't?) and I thought these magazines might help me out with that. Well, sad to say, most of them were a major waste of my time and energy. Thay are kinda fun to glance through when you're bored, but for actual information, they run thin. Martha Stuart Weddings is the only one I have purchased more than once, and it is the only one that actually has any useful information.

While I sometimes think that Martha is somewhat obnoxious, I really enjoy reading this magazine. It has given great ideas on all sorts of aspects for my wedding...not just 300 different dress ads and a whole section on registering like some other magazines. I really enjoy reading this magazine. I usually take my time and read it over a few times to make sure I get everything out of it. I do wish that it were a little cheaper, but it is worth the extra expense in my opinion. I also wish that it was published monthly instead of quarterly. Overall, it is an excellent magazine full of wonderful ideas and beautiful suggestions and photography.


Got time on your hands? Got a lot of $$$?

Here is a magazine a non-working bride to be who has a lot of time on their hands and a lot of sisters and friends who are willing to put a lot of time into your wedding. Martha, the queen of the forgotten arts of the Victorian age (you know when women were sent off to refinement schools to learn civilized home arts and crafts like table cloth weaving and butter churning?), is at the top of her game when it comes to weddings.

If their is one time in your life when the teachings of Martha can be useful then a wedding has to be it. After weeks of gathering berries from the hill side, constructing individual napkins from yak hair and forging place setting from silver bars, your wedding will either be your greatest acheivement or your funeral.

Martha's pictures as always are beautiful and the stuff seems nice in the magazine but I wonder if you are setting yourself up for disappointment if you expect everything to turn out the same when you try it at home. Great for ideas but be prepared to only do half of the ideas you want to, either time or money will run out before you can do it all the Martha way. Keep in mind the army of slaves she has running around in the background.