Reviews For Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine

Wedding Help for the Creatively Challenged

The wedding market is saturated with everything from websites to vendors to coordinators to self-help wedding books to magazines. Because of that, it's hard for any one publication that stands out, but the "Martha Stewart Weddings" magazine is the shining star over all other wedding magazines.

Sure, the gown designers who advertise in her pages are not geared for brides looking to find an inexpensive gown, and maybe some of the ideas aren't practical and are too time-consuming for your particular wedding needs, but as far as comprehensive articles that provide sound information and pictures of beautiful flowers, centerpieces, cakes, place cards, party favors, etc. are concerned, this magazine is second to none.

Of all the wedding magazines currently on the rack, I have found this one to be the most helpful. Unlike other bridal mags, it is not just another gown catalog with skimpy one-page spreads on bouquets, redundant articles, and those horrid resort ads that are dated from the 80's. This publication takes a fresh approach in each issue with new "Good Things", carefully written articles (past issues featured handling outdoor weddings, hiring a florist, suggestions for Mother-of-the-Bride attire) and colorful 8 to 10-page spreads featuring innovative and traditional cakes, bouquets, and even centerpieces. Need information on how to emulate some of Martha's handmade creations? Instructions are included.

For brides like myself who tend to be Martha skeptics, this magazine has won me over. I may not like all of her ideas, nor do I have the time or money to invest in making some of her hors d'oeuvres or umbrella place cards. But visually, it's appealing, and even for someone as arts-and-crafts impaired as I am, it's still a little bit inspiring, and it offers much-needed help for brides much further along in their planning than what the competitors offer.


This Is THE Bridal Magazine To Buy!

Went to the bookstore this weekend and bought a copy of every single bridal magazine they had, no lie! Of all of them, Martha Stewart's Wedding is the best. Let me tell you why......
Modern Bride and Brides are the same magazines with different covers :-) Most of the other bridal magazines list local venues, retailers, etc.; the same ones are in just about all the magazines.
Pick up Martha Stewart's Weddings and you'll find many different things. First, you will actually find ideas of things to make for your wedding. How often do you see that in Modern Bride?
Second, each issue is not the same as most of the other magazine's are.
Third, you will find dresses a lot nicer than most other american magazines. If you like to be gagged by lace, then this magazine isn't for you. If you like sophisticated simplicity, this is it.
I love this magazine and will continue to keep buying it until my wedding. If you only purchase one bridal magazine, make it this one.


This is the only bridal magazine you need...

to plan an elegant and memorable occasion. Every issue contains pages of beautiful and "good things"; it's no wonder brides show up at the florist's and baker's with pages torn from the latest issue in tow. I find nearly every page of this magazine visually stunning, and nearly every article informative.

Although Martha Stewart's Weddings is one of the smallest wedding magazines on the newsstand, it offers the most creative ideas for everything from pew decorations to menus. Every issue contains a handful of real weddings with wonderful ideas for creating your own unique and personal wedding, as well as some of the most elegant wedding attire for brides and grooms.

If you're interested in matchbook favors and a honeymoon send off with bubbles, those gigantic, generic bridal magazines may be for you. If you're looking for more elegant ideas for favors and having your guests toss rose petals from beautiful glassine cones, then Martha Stewart's Weddings is your magazine.

If you're planning a wedding, this magazine is well worth the subscription; you'll want every issue, and having it delivered to your mailbox is far easier than trying to get it at the newsstand before they're sold out. Trust me, you'll thumb through the latest issue at the newsstand long after the wedding is over.


Martha on Weddings

I have gotten many of the bridal books and mags since being engaged and I will tell you one thing, I dont buy them all anymore. I stick with Martha. Though she is over budget for me I can take her ideas and adapt them to my own budget. Her magazine has a lot fewer adds and more HELPFUL articles. I love her question and answer section on wedding. Her book focuses on the wedding and making plans for the wedding. Too often in the other mags I see articles about sex and how too make it work and blah blah blah! I like the straight forward talk and how to about planning a wedding and making that work! Go elsewhere to get the goods on sex! If I can trust Martha with my garden, cooking and bedroom sheet I can surly trust her to help me plan my wedding! Go Martha!


Probably the most useful wedding magazine on the market!

Having planned my wedding for the last 10 or so months, I have given at least a cursory look to almost every wedding magazine I could find on the supermarket shelves. For the most part, each magazine was filled with advertisements for expensive wedding gowns, jewelry and accessories. Rarely did I find an article that was useful in any of my planning activities; I found that I was spending more on buying each copy of the magazine than I was getting out of the issue. Martha Stewart weddings, however, has been one that has always stood out.

Honestly, MSW has its share of ritzy wedding gowns and jewelry too, but it has articles peppered all over the 400-500 pages which are actually helpful. She gives LOTS of money-saving advice and it doesn't come with complicated instructions. My wedding is for the most part DIY so I have found much inspiration for my outdoor wedding from her magazine.

I would recommend paying the subscription fee rather than buying off the stands since the latter works out to be quite expensive. I have all the 2003-2005 issues and the projects were very relevant. I find that her articles and projects from the last 90's and early 00's are sometimes are a little out-of-fashion. The last couple of years, fresh flowers have been the biggest thing in weddings so reading about (and making) gum paste flowers or other artificial decorations wasn't as relevant. I definitely like the more current issues in this regard.

Some things I have incorporated into my wedding from MSW:
1. Outdoor ceremony wreath using silk flowers
2. Silk flower pomanders hung on hook planters
3. How to fold napkins neatly while incorporating the guest name card
4. Ceremony programs in the shape of hand-held fans so my guests can fan themselves in the June heat
5. Simple cake design with fresh flowers (although I love MSW fondant cakes, they were simply too expensive to buy from the local bakery)
.. and many more ideas!

The projects with silk flowers were relatively easy to do but getting the materials wasn't always that convenient. Making a wreath with a 22" form is easy, but regular crafts shops do not carry foam rounds bigger than 12" or 14". I had to shop online and have a smaller retailer ship it out to me.

If you are looking into making appetizers, cakes and/or getting ideas for reception entrees, MSW is a good choice. She has amazing color photos of well-presented food in a separate story and each recipe appears in great detail at the end of the magazine: ingredients, procedure, storage techniques, its all there in the back. A word of caution: although her recipes look simple, getting the fresh ingredients may not always be possible. I did a few trial runs at home with substituted ingredients and they weren't the tastiest fare around. If you're a good cook in general, try the recipes.

For the average person going through a given issue of MSW, there are a lot more "easy" projects than that I would classify as hard or difficult. I am the least crafty and creative person in the world; if I could make use of MSW in ways big and small, so can any other DIY bride who is serious about doing some of the wedding planning on her own and ultimately saving a lot of money!


Eagerly Awaiting Each Issue

I recently got married (6/24), but when I was planning my wedding, I nearly did a jig each time the new "Martha Stewart's Weddings" would arrive on the grocery store shelf. Each issue is so rich with little tidbits and ideas, you want to get "settled" before you read it, so that you're not disturbed while drinking everything in, from cover to cover. This magazine was like a little Christmas for me - I was so excited for its arrival, and I savored each moment once I brought it home.

Yes, it's true, Martha's ideas are a bit "out there" - not only in terms of price, but also in terms of the time they require to come to fruition. I mean, unless you already own a glue gun, chances are you might not be ready to duplicate all of Martha's masterpieces. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed looking at the images depicted in the magazine, because it stirred up my own sense of creativity, on a level I was comfortable with (i.e., instead of "painting a cloth with lilac colored watercolor, using a raw silk sponge, making little "v" shapes in a downward spiral," I would just purchase a purple cloth - but . . . AT LEAST I WAS TRYING!) :)

This magazine is fantasy, but I think it is time well spent for any bride-to-be (or wedding enthusiast).


Timeworthy Tips

Stop wasting time with other bridal magazines. "Martha Stewart's Weddings" has tons of real tips, unlike other magazines that are mostly filled with ads.

I especially liked the article about color, found in the latest issue. She featured fall tones, complete with pumpkin centerpieces filled with rich red, orange and yellow flowers.

And I love the easy-to-make velvet leaves that can be attached to the ring bearer's pillow.

Most other bridal magazine, with the exception of "In Style's Weddings," offer few ceremony and reception ideas to personalize this most important day. But, with Martha Stewart's help, I will have an elegant, but inexpensive wedding! Thank you, Martha!


The Bible of wedding magazines

Okay, I know Martha doesn't have a huge reputation with the young crowd. I mean, before I read this magazine, whenever I thought of Martha I envisioned a handmade poncho from cell block D. Not really what I'm looking for while planning my dream wedding. But during my wedding magazine binge post-engagement, I picked up a Martha Stewart Weddings magazine and was hooked. Seriously. It's been nearly 6 months since my wedding and I can't stop gleaning the pages.

In MSW you'll find the most gorgeous samples of stationery out there. Everything is innovative and modern, no stuffy engraving here. You'll find simple, chic, embroidered, embellished, absolutely every style under the sun. I fall in love with the stationery spread every time.

There's also a color section in every magazine, which is really something helpful to see. You notice how the editors tie color into a theme without it looking like a 5-year-old's cowboy birthday party.

But what really sells me are the real wedding features, and the decorating advice. Whether floral, centerpieces, linens, or lighting, there are always unique ideas to break away from the wedding crowd. This is where I got hooked, and I've no doubt that it's sure to impress every reader.Yes, like every other wedding magazine you'll find more ads than articles, but I find that they at least keep the ads appropriate and in line with the message of the magazine itself.


How To Plan Your Own Wedding With Martha Stewart

It is all women's dream to plan for that grandiose day. I can tell you that it can be very stressful if you don't take time to design and plan what you want out of a wedding.

I have been around and involved into quite a few weddings to be able to tell you that you can use all kinds of ideas. This is why you can glean a lot of excellent ideas from Martha Stewart Weddings. It is an excellent magazine that has a beautiful layout. You can feel proud to place it on your coffee table while your friends are visiting. That's what I do when my girlfriends visit me. They all want to get to read my latest issue of the magazine.

If you want to get some ideas about the types of gowns, receptions, decorations and etiquette, you want to read this magazine. It is full of words of advice that may become handy to you. You will find articles dealing with how to handle stress, overbearing helpers who want to run your life during the planning period. Just like Martha Stewart's signature, this magazine addresses all facets of weddings with lots of pomp and decor.

I would like to invite you to browse through it to see what you think. I have personally gotten lots of ideas that I used in some of my friends' weddings. For my 25th wedding anniversary, I will probably find lots of ideas to use then.

You won't regret your investment. You will be in the company of those who know how to remove the level of stress out of your planning.


Martha Stewart does it again!!!

I was recently married and throughout my engagement I found MS Weddings to be extremely informative. I would purchase the magazine each time a new issue came out and loved it! I leafed through the magazines and found pictures of the flowers I wanted. Then tore them out and brought them to my florist and she was able to re-create the bouquets with the easy-to-follow instructions and pictures offered! They turned out beautifully! I also used this same issue for my pew flowers, wherein my florist followed the simple directions and created a replica of the peach silk cones filled with a mixture of white stock and blue delphiniums!