Reviews For Interview Magazine

People + the New Yorker = Interview

Interview is an interesting diversion. I prefer Interview over People or Us because the quality of the interview subjects selected really stands out over time. If you haven't read Interview, most articles are people in the arts interviewed by someone they already know or have something in common with. Consider it if you'd be interested by what would happen to People if it were to be run by the staff of the New Yorker from the 70's.

Not really edgy

I got this magazine subscription free, so no complaints there about the price. That being said, I would never buy this magazine willingly. It tries to be edgy and provocative, but falls short in my opinion. Only edgy if you've lived a sheltered life.

The only positive was the magazine format itself and the paper. Awesome gloss to it, and I did like how it was bigger than your average mag.

interview mag

got off to clumsy start with subscription having needed to change addresses but got this sorted out. the mag is what I expected but looking for ereader format going forward

warhola is dead, long live warhola!

this magazine is still one of a kind, but it was much cooler back in the day. bring back the larger format, even if they were printed on cheaper newsprint matte pages, the pictures were gorgeous.
the interview questions are less interesting than they used to be, unless there is a good celebrity interviewer. the magazine is more commercial and glossy, the photos aren't as stunning or creative as they used to be.
i will continue to be a fan but not a fanatic, this isn't as necessary as it used to be. where is the art? up the volume, where is the style???

Too many pictures, little content.

I subscibe to this magazine. Will not renew it either! Maybe I am too old to appreciate this periodical. It is way overpriced even with the Amazom, and others discount.


I have been sucked in to getting this magazine twice for subscriptions simply because it was so cheap. Both times I found it to be just awful. If I found one interview in it that I was interested in it was lucky. And then the concept of having a famous person interview another famous person? Well that sounds like a novel concept but it usually really stinks and the interviews and interviewer prove to be inept. I gave it a second chance and it still does nothing for me. They will not get a third chance once this subscription runs out.

Who reads this junk?

My wife got a free subscription to Interview by using some Coke Rewards. I've never read anything so stupid in all my life. It's nothing but a bunch of full page ads and self indulgent drivel. Not a single ounce of substance. Who reads this could they possibly have been around for 40 years?? Then I read that Warhol started it and suddenly it all made sense. Anyone who thinks Andy Warhol actually contributed anything meaningful to...anything ...probably thinks this is better than the bible... Don't waste your money...unless you're sending it to someone as a joke.