Reviews For Interview Magazine

Fantastic Magazine

Interview is a small magazine with big ambitions. All the latest news in entertainment, fashion, and politics can be found within it's colorful pages. The photography is amazing, and grand in scale, although the magazine is packed full of ads (which are equally as colorful I might add). This is NOT entertainment weekly- Interview is the indi-film of magazines, and the people and films it covers are not usually those found in typical magazines. Instead of focusing on the actor du jour, Interview covers the up & coming, the soon to be, and the undiscovered. The interview formats are fascenating and unique, as most are done by celebrities, of celebrities. If one is looking for typical hollywood gossip, Warhol's masterpiece is not for them. At such a cheap price, Interview is a gem that is yet undiscovered by many. I highly recommend it!

Forget all the others

Interview's got it all: fashion, music, films, people, AND it's done the right way. It's visually pleasing, well-written, classy, and ahead of the trend-curve.

Warhol In Spirit, But Still Fresh

This magazine is like no other. The interviews are fantastic, the pictures are great, and it's very original. I can understand people not liking it if they're used to and prefer the typical, predictable magazine format.

It's not for everyone, but for people of a certain people, it's heaven.

By far my favorite magazine!

I love the interview format, which is stars interviewing other stars. I particularly liked Gladys Knight and Alicia Keyes. How cool! Beware, it's not a slick glossy, but is finished with matte, if you care. The spreads are still gorgeous in sort of a smoke-filled-room kind of way. Aside from getting interviews with big time stars, they seem to spot and interview people who are on their way up and get to them well before the mainstream media does. Prepare to be way ahead of the gossip curve. This is an Andy Warhol pub and it's always far ahead of the times.

Kurt Jürgen Lindner

Interview is quite possibly the best magazine in terms of nag-for-your-quality-for-your-buck-for-your-time for fashion photographers, or any in the fashion industry.

Very Warhol

Andy Warhol started the magazine "interview" a long time ago, but it still maintains a very warhol tone.

the magazine is exactly what it says it is: interviews, but these arent the run of the mill. many will be very concise, getting to detailed points, and you learn much more about a person than you do in the standard magazine interview.

a few things i like about this mag:
1) dirt cheap
2) the paper: its very matte, not glossy, and kind of thick. it makes the pictures look awesome.
3) they give you a free calendar of photos
4) the photography. its all very current, kind of raw, but alot of fun.
5) the pages are rather large, and make excellent gift wrap. many pictures contain a whole page, and alot of the ads are in the same form.

this magazine is very visually oriented, and is recommended for people who are interested in and are up to date in the music-movie world.

Finally something fresh.

I know "Interview" has been around awhile, but I just recently got into it. In short, if you're into the arts, it's your magazine. It touches on music, movies, fashion, and everything inbetween. And often the interviews of celebrities are done by other celebs, like "Jim Jarmusch" doing a Q&A with "The White Stripes", just like they're sitting in a room chatting, very casual. I like that. Also the photography is tops, and often takes up the whole page (good mini-posters). They're good about not exposing the same old people too, lots of fresh faces, usually cool. Hey, if it's good enough for "Andy Warhol", it can't be bad, huh?

Great magazine.

Interview is one of my favorite magazines. The interviews are always good. I think that the interviews are more candid since it's done by peers. I also think that the photo shoots in the Interview are some of the best around.

Good Mag

I enjoy the vibe of this Magazine.the Q&A'S are truly interesting to me to say the least overall.very Entertaining& has a up-front vibe&take on things.not like other magazines that is for sure.

Eye candy--but GOOD eye candy

Nice mag. Hadn't picked it up for a while

Nice pics, decent articles. Worth giving a look to.