Reviews For Inc Magazine

Great mag for business owners

Product arrived sooner than expected. I've had an Inc subscription for a few years and always enjoy each issue. Good articles with business owners, how to improve your business and updates on technology.

Great for someone without much knowledge.

I'm satisfied with this magazine because it has some news and articles in an easy reading style format that is understandable for someone who doesn't know much about businesses. I'm sure it'll be useful for small business owners just to look through and keep themselves updated on what's going on. But if you're hard core, you'll need something else to read.

Interesting Magazine

If you like to know how others grew up in their companies, read this

Great for small businesses, no matter the size.

This was my first look at the magazine. A range of articles for 1-person or mulit-person offices. It looks like a valuable addition.

The "People" Magazine for Entrepreneurs

"Inc." advertises itself as "The Handbook of the American Entrepreneur." Each issue offers anecdotal lessons from business leaders across a broad spectrum of industries and topics. Anyone looking for research or in depth analysis will generally be disappointed. I generally read it cover to cover to be sure that I do not miss anything of value. I find it a worthwhile read for times which call for light intellectual challenge. One might call it the "People" of entrepreneurs.

Often Not Relevant

We decided to try this magazine for a year, and did not renew. It seemed to us that the articles were often not particularly relevant to our interests as small business owners, and many were outdated or not particularly interesting as well.

Was excellent, now mostly fluff

Used to be excellent magazine with practical advice.

More and more of the content is now fluffy dream stuff.

The businesses they feature are now almost all ones that depend on fashion and customer whim - cupcakes, T-shirts, micro-breweries - not sustainable businesses.

Good columns are gone. The one good column left is by the wife of the man who built Stonyfield Farm yogurt - about how entrepreneurship affects your family.