Reviews For Inc Magazine

A Magazine For Success

Excellent magazine to learn what others are doing. Not just the practices of a specific business, also the approach and mindset they follow. Highly recommended.

a must read

Anyone looking to learn more about business, going into business for yourself, or improving your current work status should read Inc.


I have been reading Inc. for the past 3 years. I love it. I am currently in business school and I am taking a lot of entrepreneurship classes. I have been surprised how often the articles have been relevant to cases and discussions in school. I would highly recommend this magazine to anyone interested in entrepreneurship or who is working in or running a small business.

3rd Year Subscriber

I used to buy an occasional magazine from Inc and then some how I got hooked on Norm Brodsky's selling his company series which offered more than a step by step process. His contributions to Inc each month is worth the subscription.

Inc contains valuable resources such as The Goods which includes Business Travel, Work Play info, Strategy which goes over a particular business problem and offers solutions as the 'Experts Weigh In' , and Entrepreneurs Business stories. This magazine understands that your time is valuable and it keeps in touch of what is going on NOW outside the Corporate World.

Very relavant info. Good reading on the commute.

I've been getting the magazine for around 4 months now and it's a great read. Lot of relavant info that helps in running a small business like ours.


Exceptional resources; it should be part of every manager or business owner's monthly reading list.

Picking up where Murdoch's WSJ leaves off

Ever since the the recent fallen journalistic standards of the WSJ I have relied more on Inc. and Fast Company to bring news of business trends, entrepreneurs and new market ideas.

There is still a need for detailed, cogent business news that saves sensationalism-without-merit for the media zombies.

how they did it!

Love this magazine. It really gets inside the minds of successful small business people and entrepreneurs. Interviews always have interesting questions, which of course, get interesting answers.

Good stuff on pitching, sales, VC, current business climate, and also technology. Each month, it's like sitting down with some of the most successful business people in the country.

good read

got this magazine subscription for my hubbie. he loves the content--good business, e business, tech, etc...

Inc is great for people starting out

I'm a consultant that has been in business for 3 years now and enjoy reading Inc. The articles are enjoyable to read and provide both insight and practical information relative to running your own small business. I highly recommend this magazine for those just starting out.