Reviews For Golf Digest Magazine

Interested in lowering your score? Golf Digest Rocks!

Dear Golfer or maybe you want to golf?

I took up golfing oh, about 3 years ago. I have had the GOLF Magazine and have purchased other magazines, books and videos. NONE, not one of them compares to the Golf Digest. I first had a score of 78 on a 18 hole golf course and then reading golf digest, I lowered it to a 69, the second time after reading part of my first isssue!

I love that magazine and I would recommend it to anybody. They publish a pocket-guide that you can just stick in your golf bag and carry along with you. These are compiled helpful hints for driving, putting and your short game. Best of all, they are written by Pros! I love Golf Digest. PS. I do not work for them and Golf Digest is NOT paying me for my testimonial! (Although it may seem that way.)

Well, thanks for reading my review.


It is da bomb

I love Golf Digest. It is the most informative, informational magazine out there about golf. I love the pictures, and lessons on how to break 100-90-80. I have cut off about 10-15 strokes off of my game since about 2 years of a subsrcibtion. I love the editorials about different views about the tour, and different things that have been going on in the golf world. It has stats, and a lot of facts about players. I also love the section when they talk about new and improved equipment. It really keeps me on top of things. The magazine tells about the golf world in so many diferent types of facts, and stats. The mag is thick with a lot of info, and golf stuff.


New Golfer

Golf Digest is very informative on helpful hints for new golfers and golfers trying to correct a bad habit they have acquired. Not to much advertising, like a lot of other magazines have. Articles on pro golfers are current and interesting. Has pocket size golf tips for you to carry around. Lets you know about golf courses around the states for when you travel.

The Tips for golfers section not only takes you step-by-step on proper swings, putts, etc, it also shows pictures, which helps visualize how it should look. This allows you to try the tip and be able to see if you have the correct posture, etc.


A no-brainer

You can't go wrong with Golf Digest. It is the premier monthly golf publication, the only one with regular articles by Tiger Woods, David Leadbetter and a host of other top names in golf. Each month is jammed with content, travel tips, special deals for readers, game improvement articles -- everything for which you buy a golf magazine.

There are other good magazines out there, but you (or the golfer you're buying it for) certainly should have a subscription to Digest.

5 stars from a subsrciber of over 20 years

Over the many years that I have subscribed to Golf Digest, I've come across extremely useful information from world class teachers and the top players that has improved my game. In addition to appreciating the superb teaching article, I always look forward to the new product editions. Equally informative and entertaining are the various feature article and interviews. Golf Digest is simply the best golf magazine!

Golf Digest

This magazine is simlpy the best, most authoritative magazine on golf on the planet. Everything you want to know about golf is right here. Head and shoulders above the rest. I reccommend it highly.

Golf's Best Magazine Publication

Golfers share many things in common and one of these is an often fanatical love for the game. For these types, nothing can take the place of heading to the nearest golf course, but Golf Digest comes very close. This magazine contains over 200 pages each month, dedicated exclusively to the sport of golf.

The things that set Golf Digest apart from the competition are the numerous articles about learning and improving your game and the personal stories and interviews. Other golfing publications attempt to help you learn, but they often get too mechanical. Golf Digest shows you how to improve your game with tips from professionals, including some of the star- studded members of the golfing elite like Tiger Woods.

Besides all the tips and tricks, Golf Digest also shows the personal side of the sport with interviews and more intimate stories about the many colorful personalities in the game. This personal dimension adds greatly to the magazine's overall appeal, providing great reading material to complement the more instructional side of the magazine.

Golfing Digest may not be as great as a day spent on your favorite golf course, but it comes close. I consider it the best publication of its kind and I recommend it to anyone with an interest in the game.

Golf Digest

This is the only golf magazine that I read that doesn't have all advertisements. I enjoy reading the articles about the players.

Golf Digest

Ordering the magazine was easy and it started to arrive as you said it would.

second best golf mag

OK I know your thinking second best... well I kind of like the P.G.A Tour Partners Club. but when it comes to needing information about the golf game it's hard to beat the golf digest articles. If you'd like to to take your game to the next level there are plenty of articles available thru golf digest. The advertising has gotten to be a little much in magazines these days in my opinion. I do like the ads for the golf trips. Would like to take a trip to the Carolinas and there are plenty of offers for these in this magazine. The pro's tips are well written and illustrated as well as the feature for the golf courses available to hack at that titleist ball. overall definitely a thumbs up