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The perfect magazine for "puzzled" people!!!

I am 34 years old, and I was first introduced to this magazine by my 7th grade math teacher! She used some of the different math puzzles as a teaching aid; and I must say, she got my attention. I couldn't wait for the next "lesson" she arranged from this magazine. My mother immediately spotted my enthusiasm and subscribed to the magazine for me.

The original Games Magazine went bankrupt after several years, and I searched in vain for years, hoping to find that it was back on store shelves. One day, while on vacation with my husband, I spotted the magazine on a bookstore rack. I was ecstatic! I immediately subscribed to Games Magazine (again), and I have been happily "puzzled" ever since!

Games magazine is filled with word puzzles, contests, reviews of new games(both computer and real-time), crossword puzzles, and many types of other puzzles for the person who likes puzzles.

I cannot think of one bad thing to say about Games magazine. It is well-written, witty, challenging, and addicting! I have spent many late nights trying to figure out some of the puzzles. Every puzzle is rated from beginner to expert.

Believe me when I tell you that if you like puzzles and things that make you go "HMMMMMM", this is the magazine for you.


The Ideal Magazine for Gamers

If you like board games, word games, logic games, video games--any games--this is the magazine for you. A typical issue of Games magazine contains interesting articles on a variety of subjects--from hobbies like card tricks to online gaming communities; unique and colorful puzzles; and "ordinary" puzzles put together with a twist.

From crosswords to crostics to word finds to logic puzzles and teasers, whatever tips your hat, you will likely find it here. In addition, they print a number of Conceptis Paint by Number puzzles in each edition, a type of language-independent picture-forming logic puzzle that is a growing trend: each numbered puzzle turns into a pixel picture when completed.

Even the advertisements in this magazine are interesting. While you are hunting for the fictional ad, you will come across tournaments, board games, and websites that you would never have heard about anywhere else.

This magazine is highly recommended for most any age and type of puzzler. I've been receiving it for years and have never been disappointed.

Side Note: If you find a mistake or a unique answer to a puzzle, Games Magazine will send the first such finder a finder's fee: a Games Magazine t-shirt.


I have been teaching academically gifted students for the past 25 years and GAMES magazine has been a part of my curriculum for awhile. It is never out of date and the crytograms and puzzles are wonderful for left brain / right brain thinking.

GAMES magazine teaches kids to focus and become absorbed in the thinking process. These are learning characteristics which are surprisingly scarce these days, even in very bright students.

GAMES magazine is also balanced between mental gymnastics and humor - it is fun to find the fake ad and enter the contests. It is the only magazine I have ever read in which I even like to read the ads!

It is a thumbs up publication!

Great magazine for puzzle-lovers!

I've been a fan of GAMES magazine for many years! My favorite section is "Pencilwise" which is crosswords, logic puzzles, word games, and other puzzles. The puzzles come in different levels, with some puzzles geared for kids, some for beginners, and some that are very difficult.

My only complaint is that the magazine is only published 10 times a year.

If you like GAMES, try GAMES World of Puzzles Magazine!

If you want to keep your mind sharp...

This isn't just a book of jumbles, it is games for smart people. The logic and crossword puzzles are really challenging, and keep you on your toes. There are some light weight ones to help you cool down, but their annual treasure hunt is the best!

Enhance your mental agility, with Games Magazine

I've been puzzling with Games since it was first published. Some of the changes have been good, some disappointing (to me, because a favorite may have been deleted), but this magazine has something for every level of puzzler.
Crosswords, Cryptic and Double Crostics are my particular favorites, and then I move on to others. The highest level of difficulty in any type of puzzle will challenge even the most nimble mind.
Other puzzles get my attention as well, and those I choose to skip will likely be tackled by other members of the family.
The easiest levels allow a person to get an easy start, build confidence and then move on up the ladder of challenging mind-benders.
The contests are interesting, but usually quite difficult for average solvers.
Time-consuming is an appropriate adjective for this collection, though the more you solve, the faster you get at finishing. Puzzlers already know that one may drop the current teaser at any moment, and return in five minutes, days or weeks to pick up with nothing lost -- and only the enjoyment delayed a bit.
Always a treat, and something for any level of puzzle solver.

Me: Let the Games begin! Audience: Oh no! Not that tired old line!

In my elementary school gifted program we read Games. In the walk-in closet with the oil pastels, clay, toothpicks and other supplies were hundreds of back copies that I borrowed on rotation. I still love Games every bit as much today, but I can still smell the old classroom when I read it, so I imagine I'm a bit biased.

What I can tell you is that every issue is strangely timeless. Although there are lots of traditional games involved - crostics and the like, there are so many different kinds of puzzles - trivia and history mixed with deduction, linguistic puzzlers, and, it seems, just an endless variety.

My favorites have always included hidden contests - which I often can't find - but it's just amazing that they were there and I missed them. The people who solve them must be MI6 agents!

My absolute favorite are the fake ads. When I was ten I posted the roach hotel ad on my wall - it was a luxury hotel for roaches a la flea circus. I had to ask my mom what a real roach hotel was. One of the greatest things Games provides is this living culture of laughter and fun. When you're a regular reader you really feel a part of a larger community. I thought it was amazing that people produce this magazine for a living, and assumed that was childish naivete. Meanwhile, the older I get, the more I admire them. After all - I'm an accountant.

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This is a fun magazine. However, you can get it for less than
half price on some websites.

A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste.

If you like puzzles, especially logic puzzles then this is the magazine for you. This magazine has some of the best and most creative "games" anywhere. There is always one or two, at least, that really impress me. Now if it weren't for all of those other games I would be in heaven.

I gave this magazine an 8+ out of 10.


I am a 25-year-old male engineering and computer science student living in SC. I do have a large humanities background.


I found out about Games Magazine from a high-school physics teacher of mine and have been semi-hooked on it ever since. I really like logic puzzles but I don't care for some of the common ones. I don't like crosswords much at all. And of course, this magazine has those but I understand most puzzle lovers are fond of them.

Even the cover of this magazine is a puzzle. Heck, some of the time the advertisements are puzzles too. Your goal is to find the one that is a fake. Like a lot of sites on the Internet this magazine has fun in April as a celebration of April Fool's Day. I like a magazine that can let its hair down a little and have some fun with its readers.

To be honest I prefer to buy the Big Book of Games whenever they release one. It is a collection of the best from Games Magazine. That way I get the ones I really tend to like. But I must admit I buy a few copies here and there throughout the year to tide me over.

And the magazine has some of the best reviews of logic games and so on that I have seen.

If you like logic puzzle do yourself a favor and check this magazine out.

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