Reviews For Games Magazine

Grab your pencil and your brain

I discovered Games magazine in its earlier incarnation (in the mid-1980s) when I was in college. Several of us would get together and work on our copies when they arrived, inevitably in the middle of exam weeks. We would see how many people we would need to get together to solve the puzzle contest (which we won once), as well as do all of the various other puzzles. I still credit the logic problems with helping me on the GREs (Graduate Record Exams)! While I no longer subscribe, I still do purchase at least 5 of the 6 issues each year.

One of the best things about Games is the variety of puzzles (as well as articles). I can only do so many crossword puzzles (and avoid the magazines which only contain them). I still enjoy finding the Fake Ad, and the occasional hidden contest keeps me on my toes. The yearly Games 100 listing has helped to stock both my and my friends' game and book shelves. I still cannot do the cryptic crosswords, but that's okay, my best friend loves them.

In fact, I think that is one of the strengths of this magazine, it's fun to share it with other people.


No games, this is quality stuff!

How do I love this magazine, let me count the ways. Seriously though, this magazine is overflowing with puzzles, mind-teasers, stories, game advice, trivia and much much more. Although this may sound like a plug for GAMES I fully believe that these are the reasons I subscribe to this great magazine.

I have purchased many magazines that contain puzzles. The reason I continue to purchase GAMES is the variety ! Instead of focusing on just crosswords or just word finds, it incorporates both and many other different types of puzzles.

My favorite section of GAMES would have to be: The World's Most Ornery Crossword. This 25x25 crossword has two sets of clues. Easy and Hard. If I am feeling like a challenge, I can try to solve the crossword with the hard clues or I can try the easy clues for a somewhat more relaxed puzzle session.

If you like mind puzzles of all kinds, I would recommend Hemispheres and GAMES book of Crosswords which is specifically crosswords but within them are cryptic crosswords and specialty crosswords that are very enjoyable.


Really relaxing riddling reading...

I have been reading Games magazine ever since the very first one was published over 20 years ago. As far as I can tell (and I have looked VERY hard) there are no other puzzle/game magazines out there like this one. As such, for me, Games is the magazine by which I judge all other publications on the subject.

I first learned to play chess better from this magazine, then it taught me how to beat most opponents at othello/reversi. The main part of the magazine is glossy and contains articles on various games and diversions both of the board, and video/computer varieties. Card games and solve-it-yourself mysteries are included in a typical issue, also.

The middle section (about 28 pages) is newsprint stock paper and contains crosswords and cryptograms, not to mention a mind-boggling variety of various original creations for you to solve with your trusty pencil. This section is named, aptly, "Pencilwise".

Every issue has at least one contest and usually has a 'Fake Ad' for you to find and laugh at. Occasionally they have a 'Hidden' contest where you even have to find the rules hidden somewhere in the issue. These are a lot of fun as some of them are quite hard to find, nonetheless enter.

They have reviews of all manner and form of games from the board games to card games to electronic games, etc. You name it, they've probably reviewed it somewhere along the line. The christmas issue is great because it contains literally hundreds of capsule reviews of everything.

All in all, Games magazine is one of the very best magazines for gamers out there in the market today. I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't like it. Everyone I know loves it. Pick up a copy today, you won't regret it.

5 stars


Games from Cover to Cover

Games. Simple enough name for a magazine, and this one delivers. The front cover is always some sort of game - Can you spot this? A maze? It varies. The game on the cover is always fun. Not bad considering you haven't even opened the magazine yet!

Open the magazine and the fun begins. Experienced Games readers know to look at the advertisements. You see, there is a fake one in every magazine mixed in among the real ones. Sometimes it's easy to spot. Sometimes the real ads are stranger than the fake ones.

There are a lot of pencil and word games. The whole middle section is devoted to crosswords, anagrams and other traditional pencil games. The ones included vary from beginner to expert. This is wonderful as the whole family can have a couple of puzzles to do. There are other games also: mazes and mysteries, logic problems and any number of other creative things to do. There is also a monthly contest which is usually quite difficult. The winner gets a prize, however, as well as getting his name into the magazine.

Games is also a source for reviews on games that are on the market. Besides the easy to find reviews of the latest gameboy game, there are also reviews of new board games.

Finally, there are announcements about upcoming gaming events. This magazine is complete. It offers good pre-purchase information for the consumer, and great challenges for the entire family.

From cover to cover, this is a great magazine for anyone that loves games.


Great Games For the Brain

If there's one thing I love to do on my days off, or when I'm just trying to get to sleep at night, it's rack my brain with a good puzzle. Call me crazy or whatever you want, but that's what I do.

About a year ago I found the perfect magazine for me when I'm in that certain mood: GAMES.

This is why GAMES is such a good magazine to have handy. There's so much in here to read and do, I find myself no knowing what to do first.

There's a variety in these issues that will give you a challenge every time. Sometimes they have clues that you read and don't understand, and then a day later it dawns on you. They have puzzles that are in all different shapes and sizes that get you confused at first, and maybe even a headache, but if you take your time you'll get it and have fun doing it.

To me, puzzles that are printed in color and make you look deep into a picture are the best kinds. Puzzles that make you get other objects to use while doing them is fun as well. GAMES has all those and more.

Another great thing about this magazine is the articles they print. Sometimes they have nothing to do with games. It may be an article on roller coasters. It could be an article on how they make crayons. In every issue, they have reviews of video games, or board games, or different toys that come from somewhere outside the country. GAMES also prints puzzles sent in by their readers, and has a contest every issue with some great prizes.

You may be asking yourself, "What about all the other puzzle books out there?" And sure, there are a lot of other magazines and books out there that have puzzles and brainteaser, throwing in a logic problem here and there, but there are two problems with those other books. One is the fact that all the puzzles seem to be the same, sometimes with the same clues, sometimes with the same solution. A lot of the time they have the puzzles set up the same in the different books! Secondly, a lot of them are just too easy. When you're able to whiz through a puzzle book in a day or two that?s just ridiculous.

But, if you?re in the mood for a challenge and a lot of fun, pick up a copy of GAMES.


GAMES: Sharpen your pencils.

I have been a subscriber to GAMES since I picked up an old copy of the magazine in 1985 and started doing the puzzles. Although this magazine has been through a lot of changes in the fourteen or so years between then and now, the basic premise has not changed: providing a variety of intelligent and entertaining puzzles.

Of course it's got crosswords. Each issue usually has 5 traditional crosswords, varying from a relatively easy 15x15 puzzle to the monster "World's Most Ornery Crossword," a 25x25 crossword with both hard and easy clues. However, there are more than crosswords. Each issue usually features a photo puzzle involving photos of ordinary objects or people that are highly magnified, scrambled, or otherwise altered. There's also a variety of non-traditional crossword-type puzzles.

The magazine also has at least one contest going in every issue. Sometimes the magazine has two contests, but the only advertisement to the second is in the "Hidden Contest" warning in the table of contents. And when I say hidden, I mean HIDDEN; I have only found around five of these contests (there are usually two a year), and usually too late to qualify.

In case you're wondering, GAMES isn't all games. It also features articles on game reviews and a feature article on things related to games (past articles have featured the Mall of America, a British outdoor maze builder, and them an who invented "Pong."

Of course, if you want more games and less articles, there's also GAMES World of Puzzles, which is almost entirely puzzles (unlike GAMES, which has quite a few ads).


The Definitive Magazine for Games (and Puzzles)

Games Magazine, published on and off for over 20 years, has always held a special place in my heart. Its design is to provide information and play to anyone who enjoys using their brain. If you've read about me at all, you know that I am a game lover. I thrill to play any good game, of any type. Games Magazine provides me with many opportunities to do just that.

The magazine can easily be split up into two parts: the pencil puzzles, and the articles and teasers. I always go for the pencil puzzles first: each issue of the magazine is full of crosswords, word puzzles, a word search, and other, more unique word, math, and picture puzzles ready to be solved on paper that is not glossy and easy to write on. (unlike most magazines, and unlike the articles and teasers in Games) Although some of these puzzles can be found in other puzzle magazines, some are made especially for Games, and those are usually the most addictive.

Although the magazine could stand on these alone (in fact, the company that publishes Games also published a separate magazine, Games World of Puzzles, which is all pencil puzzles), about half of each issue is devoted to both teasers and articles about gaming and the world of games. There is always at least one contest in each issue, and there is generally some type of mystery or logic puzzle as well. Near the end of every magazine, there is also a grab bag section called Wild Cards consisting of the best in short, quick puzzles and quizzes that they've encountered since printing the last issue. As for articles, Games covers everything from recent Chess events to the Puzzle Olympiad to the use of games in carnivals. They also present unique board games or variants a few times each year, intriguing quizzes and puzzles, and every issue has reviews of recent game releases, both traditional games and video and computer games. Most importantly, all of these come on traditional glossy magazine paper, which allows the printing and pictures to stand out and keeps the magazine together.

In conclusion, if you enjoy any type of puzzles or are interested in games, and if you are still interested enough to read this far down, I recommend going to your newsstand and picking up the latest issue. Don't worry, there will be a subscription card inside for when you eventually realize you need to get this magazine delivered directly to your house.


does anyone know if this mag has a website?

I have looked for hours to find a website for this mag and can't find one, does anyone know if they even have one?

I love this mag, it keeps my mind working and improves problem solving in actual life situations, give your brain a real good workout. I take this mag everywhere i go and pull it out whenever i get a chance. I like how it has entry level puzzles and extremely hard puzzles, so it works for anyone interested in testing their puzzle skills.

I like the reviews of the board and video games, the feedback, one of my favorite puzzles is the fake ad puzzle, I love the paint by numbers and the battleship games.

for an extra challenge I try the world's most ornery crossword puzzle, by combining the hard and easy clues, I usually fill most of the puzzle in.


Fun for All Puzzle Lovers

My husband and I really enjoy this magazine. It has a great variety of puzzles from extremely easy to extremely hard. I prefer puzzles to be relaxing and not stress my mind. I use them as a form of relaxation...not something to make me think too hard.

I like the word searches, the "easy" crossword puzzles, and the "Find the fake ad". My husband likes the logic puzzles and the more difficult cross-words. We both enjoy the articles and contests!

Once a year they publish the "Games 100" this is their picks of the top games of the year... they cover everything from board games to role-playing to computers. In every issue they feature one or two puzzles or games and have information on where to buy, price, etc...

This magazine has been one of my favorites since I was a kid and I have clase to 10 years worth of back issues. I can never throw them away!!
A subscription to this magazine for any game or puzzle lover in your life would be a great gift!!


We Waited For This Magazine To Arrive

I would have to say, that having had well over 25 different magazine subscriptions in my life, this was one of the best we ever had. As teenagers, my mom and dad subscribed to Games, a magazine that has many features like word games and search games and trivia on an adult level. We would fight over who got to open it first and do one of their famous pages, Eye-Ball Benders, a very close up photo of something in your everyday life, but because of the angle or view made it hard to tell what it was. We were not allowed to peek at the answers until we all had a try guessing what the answers were, nor did we want to in fear of spoiling the fun. This magazine lasted a very long time. It was not something you read through quickly and then set it down. You would think for hours and come back to puzzles weeks later, remembering an answer.

There were false advertisements in the magazine that you had to search for and little mind bogglers that would keep six of us laughing about the answers at dinner nights later.

I miss this magazine, we are not subscribing now, but surely plan on getting it once the kids get a bit older. It was one of those things I remember as a kid that pulled the family together around one book figuring out one solution.