Reviews For Forbes Magazine

less political, provide greatervariety of views, more business

you're a business magazine, not a right wing political magazine. Steve Forbes' greatest problem is that he's NOT HIS FATHER.

Often Interesting Source of Business Information

The articles, however, are usually not as detailed as some in Business Week and the Wall Street Journal, and the columnists are so blatantly biased (conservative) that they are not worth reading.

Right-wing conservative comparing to Fortune

I like the news, but the editorials are so much right-wing conservative that even WSJ editorials can not come close to it. Especially the Editor-in-Chief Mr Forbes' ones. On the contrary, Fortune seems much more balanced, and more focused on business, instead of politics.

If you consider yourself right-wing extremist, this magazine is yours!

Forbes magazine subscription

It took too long to start the subscription, at least several months.

Forbes Is Boring

I am not a professional investor, but I decided to give Forbes a chance. I have found the magazine to be pretty boring and dry. I like to read more about what is happening currently in the stock market with individual stocks and this magazine has more articles in it. I found that a lot of the articles couldn't keep my interest. Would recommend getting The Wall Street Journal or Smartmoney before Forbes.

Sensational and Lacks In-Depth Research

I have been a subscriber to Forbes for a half year. After reading all these issues, I dislike this magazine more and more. Most articles are sensational and lack in-depth research. Some are biased and prejudiced. Many articles are written in fictional style without any hard data or analysis. I will not renew my subscription after it expires.

I only received the first issue on time, then missing others

Do not subscribe here.
I have complained more than one time from Aug 2010, but the problem hasn't been solved by now.

Another billionaire ranking? Where's the business news?!?

Forbes has some problems:
1. each issue features yet more conservative opinions promoting trickle down theory. If you want to read articles written by Steve Forbes complaining about having to pay taxes, this is for you!
2. after the Steve Forbes commentary, you find yet another billionaire or celebrity salary ranking. If you like to brown nose rich people, this is for you!

There is very little investment or actual business advice. Don't even waste your time or money on this magazine, it serves no practical purpose.

Don't waste your money unless you're in the top .01% income and a Right Wing Conservative...

I am a middle of the road Independent and a solid middle class worker, and this magazine has absolutely nothing of interest to me. Total waste of money.

Forbes enver delivered

As I write this January 4th, 2007, I have never gotten my first or any issue of Forbes (for which I paid on October 2, 2006). If I ever get something maybe I'd like it.