Reviews For Forbes Magazine


Simply the best magazine about the business world. From large corporations, to the small business. Forbes will keep you abreast of the latest developments, before the others even pick the topic up on the radar screen. Good for management and good for personal finance.

My Favorite Investment Magazine

As humble retirees we find the economic & business analysis are "right on the money". We are using these insights to help convert our 401K to an IRA and minimize further loses. We also subscribe to Smart Money, WSJ and Kiplinger.

In addition we both enjoy the savvy fiscal and monetary analysis, it always makes perfect sense and is argued with unrivaled clarity. For example, the ideas for standardizing the currency are not only well reasoned but necessary. Imagine if we played around with the units of time, what would happen? If a minute suddenly became 65 seconds, planes would be colliding and industry would grind to a halt. Hospitals would be danger zones. If a foot became 12.5 inches tomorrow then 14 next year, bridges and buildings would collapse. So why is it acceptable to mess around with our unit of currency, no wonder there has been so much uncertainty in investment planning and so much economic destruction.

If more people read and understood what Forbes is clearly explaining we would not be in this mess. Thank you Forbes for bringing this and so many issues to our attention. Keep it coming.


I am young businesswoman and I have found this magazine informative, invaluable and inspiring. I recommended it for anyone who takes pleasure in reading about the triumphs of the most intelligent and resourceful men and women of our time.

Unabashedly capitalist, boldly conservative

If you are sensative about your politics then this magazine will have a profound effect upon you. Liberal? You'll hate it - and miss its more subtle and profound insights into raw capitalism. Conservative? You'll love it - and miss its more subtle and profound insights into raw capitalism.

Forbes must be read with an open mind. It is unabashedly capitalist, boldly conservative, and stunningly pro-business. But it's editorial arguments (the various editorals are its best feature) are always intelligently written and very effectively made. Regardless of your personal views you will find the opinions compelling. This magazine will make you think and, as a result, you'll get more than your money's worth from your subscription.

Each issue also offers a variety of thoroughly explained investment recommendations, analysis of current economic and business conditions, extended articles on major topics of the day. Most fun, however, are the periodic 'annual issues' such as "The Forbes 400" (Fascinating. Again, regardless of your personal views you won't be able to put this issue down).

Forbes' unapologetic focus on wealth and profits will irritate some, inspire others, and fascinate all.

Thought provoking

I find the magazine thought provoking. Editor-in-chief Forbes and Publisher Karlgaard normally provide some interesting opinions and insights, as do many of the other regular and guest columnists.

Love the Mag........however

The subscription came in a month, which is super fast. After reading my first issue......I've come to the conclusion that this a magazine for intermediate to advance readers. Not that much focused on personal financing.

Worth the money

Interesting, well written articles.

If you have the money (no pun intended), then you ought to get it

Not as good as it used to be

i've been a Forbes reader for more than 20 years. They used to be the best; especially in exposing crooks. but in the last two or three years, they have started mixing political content into the news pages. Their columnists are interesting and have every right to express an opinion - and that's where i expect to find the opinions. but news articles are tending to look more like product placements, written to support a certain point of view instead of to tell both sides of a story impartially. It has becoome the moral equivalent of Fox for business. Fine if you want to read politics, but not where you go for the whole story.

Good business and investment reporting, could do with less politics

I learn quite a bit about what is going on in the business world from this magazine. It has stories about companies and business leaders from every industry imaginable, as well as plenty of information and advice about personal investing.

I do wish they devoted a bit less space to conservative editorial content. I understand it's important to keep up to date on the workings of government, and how they will affect the world, but the very one-sided editorial pages tend to detract from the fairly balanced stories in the rest of the magazine.

Forbes delivers high quality articles, but its liberal bashing gets tiring

Forbes is a conservative business publication that delivers excellent reporting and feature articles. The content is concise, blunt, and to the point because Forbes recognizes the importance of time and clarity. The magazine is especially strong in providing advice to individuals, and businesses about upcoming changes in the tax code, and legislation that would impact the bottom line. However, I have found that the editorial content has become a venue for editors to make personal attacks towards Obama and the democratic party.

As a business magazine, Forbes does an excellent job at delivering succinct articles about business, economics, and stocks. In each issue, the magazine devotes a large section towards dispensing advice about money and investing. There is a depth and detail that can only be found in this magazine. Forbes assumes its readers are astute and smart, and is unwilling to dumb down its content to boost circulation numbers. In a recent article, Forbes provided detailed advice about retirement accounts, and their tax implications.

Forbes can improve its publication by editorializing less and focus more on business issues, and less bashing upon liberal politics. For example, Forbes can take the lead and recommend to businesses ways to reduce health care costs by writing about Safeway, which has been able to tame healthcare inflation. If the magazine authors wants to express their political beliefs, then they are working for the wrong magazine.