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too many ads

some interesting stories, but too much junk and advertisements. You have to search for the articles you can actually read.


I'll say one thing: if you're like me and like big things, you'll love this magazine. Other than size, I found nothing appealing about it. The January/February issue contains 306 pages. As with every other magazine in existence, this one, too, is filled with pages and pages of ads. Some of the ads I don't mind because I sometimes gain information from ads about computers and computer related products, but I can live without the car and booze ads.

Once you manage to wade through the first clump of ads, you arrive at "LOOP" which has letters from readers pertaining to prior magazine issues. Then, ad, ad, ad, ad, ad. Next is an article about the value of money. Then comes a story about Nike, which feels like a huge Nike ad, and fails to mention how they pay their laborers pennies to make their footwear and how horrible the hours and working conditions are.

The feature articles, which you won't find until you get to page 118, are mostly about the future of the internet, major companies, and the economy. For me, this magazine was one big bore.


Superficial and Vacuous!

I have tried reading this magazine a number of times - in each instance based on an article highlighted on the cover. Unfortunately, in each case I found the article to be too short, superficial, and vacuous. The magazine is just a waste of time and paper.

Unprofessional and Bad Business Practice

I paid them for one old sample copy they sent, but they never acknowledged it and kept pestering me with invoices ("collection notices") of magazines that they never delivered. These notices sound like extortion:

".... But if we do not hear back from you within 10 days, we'll have to place your name in our permanent "Delinquent File" and suspend all future credit privileges with our company. Why jeopardize your credit with us for such a small amount of money? Instead, please return the invoice above with your payment now and keep your credit in good standing.....

Sincerely, Pat Harrington, Credit Manager"

Here is a link I'm going to next, [...]


The magazine arrived with the cover page crumpled. There is a tear along the side of the magazine that extends through all the pages. The paper seems like the magazine got wet and also feels very dusty to the hand. Like someone practiced some soccer with it in the alley.
Very Disappointed.

Never have received

I have gotten every other magazine that I subscribed to except Fast Company
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