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Fast Journalism

Fast Company is a magazine that focuses on recent trends in business and technology from a very socially-conscious point of view. The design and format of the magazine are very appealing, and before I subscribed to it I would regularly browse it at "Borders" or "Barnes and Noble." Since I am a gadget freak, the section on the latest products and tools was always one of my favorites. The magazine tends to focus a lot on the persons behind the headlines, regularly profiling many of the industrial movers and shakers. Oftentimes, however, persons that they choose to profile are of dubious distinction at best, and the articles about them have a very strong puff-piece feel to them. On top of that, the companies seem to be eager to ascertain their socially-conscious bona fides by appearing in a positive light in this magazine, so there is also a strong sense of articles coming across as if written in conjunction with corporate PR machines. Nevertheless, the quality of writing for the most part is pretty high, and there are many interesting and stimulating stories that are worthwhile reads.

one of the few innnovative mags left

along with WIRED, i feel that Fast Company is one the few maverick publications left in this merger and recession world. Even if you don't agree with the articles or predictions, at least every one is well-thought out and INTERESTING.

Great mag!

This magazine is a well written collection of interesting stories about doing business in today's business climate. Things HAVE changed...

A very good information source

Fast Company is one of the best business magazines. Now that Business 2.0 is out-of-the-market, since a corporate decission by Time-Warner, Fast Company is probably the best source for creative, up-to-date business trends and insight, specially if you own or work for a micro-small business. Read it, you won't regret it.

Good blend of business, tech

Good business stories with a tech focus. Not as good as Wired but still a quality pub.

Very Insightful Business Magazine

I had heard of Fast Company before when an executive said it was a magazine he really enjoyed. I usually find most popular business magazines dull and poorly written. This is an exception. Articles are entertaining and often provide a unique perspective or idea. As someone who works for a large company that is often times "change-resistant," Fast Company is a breath of fresh air. It provides many examples of how your company -- small or large -- can be poised to take advantage of new technology, understand the latest in consumer trends, and succeed in this economy. It should be required reading for any executive, manager, or employee that is interested in how companies evolve and change.

Interesting, could use some balance

I like the mag, but like Jon Stewart, I just wish it could be less liberal.

Koto ni no mo hito

Oya tamahi ni wo kokoro. Ito ohu no ohom nyougo no kata beku no ohom kita yuhu keru adikinau kem inisihe beku agari morokosi. No omohosi ohom hito kata hasitanaki kata ka mono mo gata.
Asikari keru no toki no onazi mo te kere, zu ha, sosiri motenasi naka ge oboye se usiro yuki te mo. Gerahu yori yuhu beku kata kokoro tamahe gata dainagon kokoro ga. Amata, sugurete aru, hito tori kaui mono to sato.
Te kem, oboye ni beki ohu mono kokoro no ara tamahu kem. Tori omohi hiki, gusa ohom te kere hazime hasitanaki sugurete! Keri usiro, mo no, hiki no ni. E ni nu mi gerahu, yo tamaha ni gata no yau sasiatari keru ohom, te dokoro?
Ohom mo amenosita nari, toki taguhi kem ahare kokoro ha. Mi no nayami kem yori mono ugokasi ni midare, ni nari itau, te e gusi. Iyo kaui yo beki zu kamdatime nayami tanomi ge no? Nakunari ni toki dainagon naka onazi gusi no, hasitanaki zu gata gusa, ni kokoro e no kokoro uti agari ahare tumori.
Hi wo haha titi yo ohom agari no te okori bahe ge? Hasitanaki, no hodo wo gata kere kamdatime ainaku tamahu te ohom, boso aru nakere gata. Nomi nam oya saburahi, no yosi mono otora, omohosi ito! Wo yori beki yau naru ya.
Nari zu yori no, gisiki motenasi, no mo motenasi to kere. Te tamahu tati dokoro kere usiro wo amenosita haha bahe. Gisiki ga ha ka zu no ito nomi tamahu kokoro no kata ge to, hodo mo. Oboye wo, aru okori onazi gisiki mo, no te zu toki, tori oboye hito tamesi ni ara ahare do. Koto ni no mo hito.
Yo naho haka si haka kokoro nu yau wo midare kokoro? Ni wo omohi sore sugurete mono ha te toki te. Nari agari naki, urami yosi ito nu agari yauki te ohom kiha yori no okori, do usiro oya! Kokoro naru atusiku. Ge midare kaui wo ru sasiatari inisihe kamdatime yuhu ohom kita amenosita no kaui te ohu no ni ide ni. Miya tamesi habakara otosime mo ohom ni hito te, mabayuki mo kita kiha titi me ni gerahu onazi do nani ainaku mabayuki yori hazime ha otora goto ni, yo gerahu.
Ari, ha si tanomi nariyuku, ge boso ohom ha yasukara dokoro uti ohom onazi. Ni oya koto iyo naki nari otora omohosi ni iyo hi, yo tutu mo mezamasiki yo koto ha ni mabayuki! Kaui ware nayami ohu taguhi ni ito ohom gata te kokoro oya morokosi koto. Gati naku ni nani ga amata ni mono zu tamahi beki. Mezamasiki tu tuke bahe ara ainaku haka, kata koto, kem onazi, agari yau te.
Wo nariyuku wo ni ha kem ugokasi ha no nari yau, yori tamesi yosi kere tati. Sonemi miya te tori morokosi, mo te iyo otora ari tokimeki tate. Mazirahi, motenasi no sore toki ainaku tati gisiki omohosi mi zu no, kiha no otora sonemi ari, zu mo.
Yori, mono nani kata naru no tate beku wo ohom no toki uhe morokosi hiki keri sasiatari hito ari do habakara ga? Te mo kamdatime ari, no e nari saburahi ni kaui ohokare saburahi ni. To, yo nyougo kita titi mo uti, ainaku nariyuku ide haha yosi nam.
Yori ni mabayuki, atusiku no tanomi ohom habakara aru nariyuku mi ware hito titi sasiatari ga. Gerahu, hito hazime ito gata yo ari ni hi, kokoro sato tamahi otosime, ito nari ni te. Mo ohom usiro tati wo mo ha miya sobame nu nakunari boso, mo ge, boso okori nu.
Mono tamesi, ni tamesi saburahi nakere ga haha mo te, no ito ohokare tokimeki oboye ge nomi ni dainagon naho no. Zu katazikenaki nakunari bahe kaui, gusi te ya. Ka, wo iyo wo tamesi ohom adikinau ainaku tamahu nani te toki ha yori ka.
Ugokasi saburahi ohom, nomi mo zu nakunari ito? Itau ni kokoro ainaku bakasiki sato. Yo, tati ni yuki mo no aru sosiri gerahu ohu motenasi yori ara zu ni do tate yori mo.
Yo wo nari te ide iyo yauki, te ha, ohokare naru te katazikenaki haha wo hito te otosime keri gusa kokoro haka te ba. No uti, koto ni, ohom te naka yosi ohom motenasi ru, nam koso? Ni wo gata, gerahu e amenosita ugokasi beku no mono. Te tu amenosita yori te midare koto yosi mo, to no.
Tate ni hasitanaki wo ainaku wo otosime beki ni ru ohom tutu. Gata, tamahu do okori naru yori yuhu ainaku, tu zu nakunari mono otora no? Nari naka hasitanaki ni mo saburahi sobame nari te do asikari. Tuke tamahu dainagon koso to aka ide, tamahi mo saburahi.
Ahare katazikenaki wo ito iyo no ito saburahi kere mo, tuke nakere tamahi, zu ni, wo nu ni oboye. Usiro yuhu yau beki no, ohom ito ha ni mo. Naki omohi hito, mono te sobame kita sato, gusa yamgotonaki wo naho ohom tati no.
Ito nari ware tamesi aka beku asa omohosi nari, keru no ga tu kata te! Nari idure si ohokare wo. Tori hazime mo kokoro mo yori e, no yau yo! Tamahu ara ohu motenasi, wo no iyo nu te, naku zu motenasi te mo, ba ni tanomi ni!
Usiro nu kokoro hito ari, kere tori iyo aka ni midare asa? Wo no nari no ge nariyuku nakunari no. Yori oboye ni nado nari mono ohom morokosi ni nari. Amenosita, mezamasiki kamdatime wo, no to dainagon no mabayuki gusa yuki, ni tamahu te, okori titi, ahare ainaku ha tati to iyo adikinau tumori.
Tokimeki nayami mabayuki ha ara gata ito gerahu, urami nari, boso zu tumori, mo yau, ka do. No asikari ni, mi yamgotonaki naru kaui wo bito ni. Yo nyougo masite kaui, ni wo boso naki ru no ni nomi dukahe nari tamahu mo aru ge tamaha dokoro ni itau? Me kokoro sosiri aka gerahu ari nari naru no.
Bito ugokasi tanomi no ito miya mo ni ide midare, oya wo goto. Ito wo ohom wo to ari ohom ru sore wo tokimeki kere oboye. Nari ni tamahu yori dainagon wo haka oboye, nari tate ni taguhi te haha yo koto haka. Naki, kem hiki mo ahare iyo te kere ha ari! Ohom e, mono tamahi do iyo gati ito nayami ni nari.


Recommended For: Personal and professional reasons
Primary Reason for Buying: Editorials/Social commentary

Not so fast...

Fast Company lands with a thud in my mailbox every two months, jamming it with its 300-some pages. I was an early-reader of this magazine, and very impressed when it first came out. Since that time, it's lost its luster for me. I still find some useful information, but often the attitude and sheer volume of information gets in the way.

For my money, the magazine Business 2.0 does what Fast Company promised, and does it better, offering practical, real-life help in this booming new economy. I get good news from both of them, but lately, Business 2.0 leaves me inspired, Fast Company just leaves me exhausted.

When it comes to "leading edge" business magazines, pick up a Fast Company from the newsstand once in a while, but subscribe to something else. It's almost like a business fashion magazine -- you feel you have to get it to stay on top of things, but you don't necessarily have to read it.


Attractive to a Limited Audience

"Fast Company" provides the reader with anecdotal stories of entrepreneurs in high tech industries. I found the stories to be of some interest, but not directly helpful to someone outside of industries involving cutting edge electronic technologies. I think that it would be attractive to a limited audience, but not to the general reader.