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Fast Company

The only magazine that I read cover to cover. If you are interested in
almost any aspect of business, this magazine will appeal to you. It is primarily for the entry level to mid level manager who is looking to have an edge. It covers articles about human resources to cutting edge management with the internet weaving in and out of the articles. I have made it required reading for my students and they all have loved it. Trust me, tough crowd. All of the articles are written in a kind of hip and casual but knowledgeable way that is an easy read but one that you will go away with actually knowing something. Excellent all around great magazine. Check it out.


Recommended For: Personal and professional reasons
Primary Reason for Buying: Articles

Great Magazine!

When "Business 2.0" stopped being published last year, I was very disappointed since I didn't know of another magazine like it. I think "Fast Company" fits the bill and am excited to find that it's loaded with articles about "the new" in the business world and in the tech sector. The latest issue has a story about the top 50 up-and-coming companies, with Google being number one. What an interesting piece about their corporate culture and some of the people who work there! I hope they keep up the good work and that they don't fall into a black hole as "Business 2.0" did. I like having something I can hold in my hands when I'm reading. I know I can find out a lot of this stuff one way or another on the Web, but when I curl up in bed at night, I like to have a magazine or book in my hands, not a laptop... I am looking forward to the arrival of the next issue!

Non-boring Business Magazine.

I really enjoy this publication. It puts marketing and growth strategies within reach of those of us who fall asleep reading other business Mags. I've learned a ton and have been able to bring some of what I've learned to my job. It also helps consumers understand the marketing forces being put into play to capture their loyalty and their dollar.

One of the best

I love reading Fast Company. Their perspectives are always refreshing. The insights are cutting edge. It has given me a much wider perspective on things. Whenever I read Fast Company, I always have a notepad next to me- to write down all the ideas that just pop up!


I am addicted to this magazine. Fresh, smart, intriguing, I read it cover to cover.

Greatest Business-related magazine out there.

The business magazine for readers with Attention problems! This is right up my alley because it talks about the most important changes in technology, what's going on under the radar in business today, and who's making it happen. I walk away from every single issue with an idea that I can incorporate into our company.

In a Post-Business2.0 world.

I was pleasantly surprised with Fast Company. After Business 2.0 closed, I thought I couldn't find a worthy replacement, but I did in Fast Company. Very good, even though Wired is still better.

Rich in Ideas

Joe Mansueto, founder of Morningstar, has been a lifelong advocate for design and its value in business. He carries that belief over to his Fast Company magazine. It brings design and good writing together to give us a look into many of the most passionate minds in business today.

Magazines, thanks to the subsidies of advertising, remain one of the great bargains out there and this is a prime example.


Exceptional resource; it should be part of every manager or business owner's monthly reading list. Topics are well thought out, practical and they always get you thinking about how they affect you. Consistently exceptional.

Love this magazine

I've read Fast Company for years and this subscription was purchased for my son-in-law who is a sitcom writer. I felt it would help him stay on top of the trends.