Reviews For Entrepreneur Magazine

I disagree with the negative ratings

Though the magazine does have the MLM and "You To Can Get Rich" articles, it has validity. You can do anything if you find the right thing, something your passionate about. I've found the articles may not always fit my exact situation, but I can extract what is meaningful or useful to fit my unique situation or business needs. Isn't that the main goal here? You have to find it, no one is going to hand it to you. Do the research and the work and ask for mentoring. Follow up on the leads and ideas they give you. I truly enjoy this magazine. Carpe Diem.

Good and Cheap Mag

I was expecting something a little different, but it was still informative. The franchise list could do a little more exposure and on the front pages.

Not enough quality content.

Entrepreneur magazine contains far too many advertisements and articles that read like advertisements to be a regular read. I only read this magazine when there no other business magazine choices available, or if I'm killing time at an airport. Choose Inc. magazine if you want a great magazine for entrepreneurs!

Late delivery

I have read this magazine else where and it seemed to be fantastic. But I have subscribed to it since long now and have not been delivered a single copy as yet.



Entertainment value only.

I recommend this magazine for beginners looking to to re-light that entrepreneurial spirit. This magazine is not for people who are already a little knowledgeable in business and entrepreneurship.

Although in the last few years they've tried to revamp themselves to be more than a "get rich quick" rag, Entrepreneur is not a spectacular, fresh, or innovative magazine to be pedestaled or held in high regard. Any one with the littlest ounce of business acumen will quickly find Entrepreneur Magazine to be rehashed business topics and fluffy entertainment.

I'm a business magazine junkie. As I read the magazines, I tear out any useful information I may want to read again later. I rarely find anything I don't know about in Entrepreneur, and I usually read the magazine in twenty to fourty minutes. Usually, I feel I wasted my time.

If you're looking for a magazine of entrepreneurial entertainment and personal stories, get Entrepreneur.

If you're looking for a magazine full of hours of spectacular information and knowledge, get yourself a subscription to Business 2.0 (in my opinion, the best in this genre).

The best thing about business and trade magazines is that they may be tax deductible as a business expense. (Of course, check with your tax advisor first.)


What this magazine should be named is "Franchises". Entrpreneurs are risk takers, people who invest in franchises are risk-avoiders, and often end up being cheated. Of course there's no mention of that in this magazine; it might offend the advertisers.

Not what I expected

I was expecting a magazine that discussed different options and ideas for new businesses, including franchises. I thought this was geared to the small business owner. All it has are profiles of people who have started a business and are now millionaires. Not much else in the magazine.

Still Not Here

I love this magazine that's why I ordered it six weeks ago... Still hasn't arrived. Hopefully I will get this upcoming months issue.

poor magazine.. Biased editing, get rich quick schemes and nothing but franchises to offer

this magazine is very biased in a few companies (Apple, for example). It is only useful as an advertisement for franchises and has very little to offer in terms of ideas, Point of views, problems, solutions etc.. This magazine would not help you if you are looking to START a business.. only if you are looking to BUY one, such as the many franchises they constantly push.. Franchises are very difficult to "break even" with, and have unnecessary costs, so I avoid those altogether, but this magazine seems to have only one or two interesting and educational articles per annum. Go with Money magazine instead, it is leaps and bounds ahead of this excuse for a read.